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Boost Coffee Shop Bottom Line by Upselling Food Menu

Adding a grab-'n-go food menu to your coffee shop increases likelihood of upselling customers, giving a boost to your bottom line.

When looking to grow your coffee shop, optimizing coffee customer behavior and peak times of the day is key to maximizing ticket size and give a boost to your bottom line. 

From grab-n-go snacks, to breakfast sandwiches, locally sourced pastries, or in-house breakfast burritos, adding food to your menu can be an effective way to grow your bottom line during peak times of the day. 

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Adding food to a coffee shop menu can help a coffee shop owner's bottom line in several ways, including:

  1. Increasing ticket size: Nearly 3/4 of coffee shop revenue is earned before noon. So adding food to your coffee shop menu helps generate more sales from existing customers during your busiest part of the day. Customers who regularly come to you for a their morning coffee may be enticed to add food to their order if it's available. Before you know it, customers are trying new menu items and your average ticket size jumps from $7 to $12 or more, the average ticket across the joe network.

  2. Differentiation: In a competitive market, what is going to set your coffee shop apart from others? Offering food that's unique to your shop can differentiate a coffee shop from competitors and help establish a unique brand identity. Customers will choose to visit your coffee shop that offers food over one that doesn't.

  3. Upselling Opportunities: Offering food, especially grab-n-go options provides opportunities for upselling to customers both in-person and digitally.  joe's upsell feature, built-in to joe joe's coffee shop Point of Sale with mobile ordering automatically upsells every customer. as customers may be more likely to add on a snack or pastry to their coffee order.

  4. Supporting other local businesses: At joe, we're all about supporting local businesses. Sourcing your food from another local business, such as an independent bakery or sandwich shop, can be a great opportunity to add food to your menu without adding too much additional work from your staff. Sourcing food from a local bakery or sandwich shop can ensure that coffee shop customers are getting fresh, high-quality food that is made with care and attention to detail, and you're keeping money in your local economy. 

Adding food to a coffee shop menu can have a positive impact on a coffee shop owner's bottom line by increasing ticket size and differentiating from competitors, especially during peak times of the day.

But as a coffee shop owner, adding new menu offerings shouldn’t also add stress to your barista’s workflow. One tool that can help improve your barista’s efficiency is a Kitchen Display System (KDS). Learn how the right workflow tools, built-in to joe Point of Sale, can help take your workflow and coffee shop growth to the next level. 


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