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4 reasons why your coffee shop needs a kitchen display system (KDS)

Considering adding food to your coffee shop menu? New menu offerings shouldn’t also add stress to your barista’s workflow. joe's barista KDS can help!

Adding food to your coffee shop menu can really give a boost to your bottom line. After all, offering food can provide opportunities upsell customers, adding a breakfast burrito or pastry to their coffee order.

But as a coffee shop owner, you know the importance of efficiency and streamlined processes in your workflow and adding new menu offerings shouldn’t also add stress to your barista’s workflow.

One tool that can help improve your barista’s efficiency is a Kitchen Display System (KDS).


What is a KDS?

A Kitchen Display System (KDS)  is a digital screen that displays incoming orders in real-time. It replaces traditional paper tickets, eliminates wasted time, and allows your staff to view orders quickly and accurately, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.  Originally designed for restaurants, a KDS screen is also valuable for coffee shops. 

KDS Screen

Here are 4 reasons why you should add a KDS to your coffee shop:

1 - Improved Order Accuracy: A KDS helps reduce order errors by displaying orders in real-time, making it easier for your baristas to keep track of what needs to be prepared. joe's barista KDS also includes important order details, visual indicators, and any modifiers or special requests all designed to reduce a barista's cognitive load and ensure orders are prepared correctly the first time.

2 - Quicker Order Fulfillment: A KDS maximizes your workflow by eliminating the need to physically organize and sort paper tickets. Customizable workflows with joe's barista KDS eliminate the need for staff members to run orders from your point of sale to the kitchen or espresso bar. Instead, utilize joe's flexible hardware solutions to automatically send orders to the appropriate stations. Your staff can focus more on relationships and preparing quality food and drinks, rather than running orders and shuffling paper tickets.

3 - Reduce Waste: From eliminating wasted time, to eliminating wasted product, KDS can help drastically reduce waste by providing real-time visibility into orders and what needs to be prepared. Built-in features around workflow, such as scheduled orders or chronological ordering queuing reduce the likelihood of food and drink items going to waste. With a smart KDS in your workflow you can let technology worry about prioritizing orders based on urgency, and let baristas focus on craft.

4 - Analytics and Reporting: Embracing technology with a KDS behind the bar and in the kitchen can also provide valuable analytics and reporting about your shop's efficiency. With a coffee-specific KDS in your coffee shop, you can track metrics such as order volume and preparation times. Plus joe's customer feedback also collects valuable data on order accuracy and readiness. This data can help you identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about your coffee shop's workflow.


But don't just take our word for it! Surfers Coffee in Hawaii with multiple drink and food stations upgraded to the joe Point of Sale with a built-in barista KDS screen and instantly saw more efficiency. They shared "We didn't even realize how bad our workflow was until we switched to joe." Read the entire growth story below.




How Surfers Coffee Streamlined Workflow and Grew Revenue 18% with joe 


So if you're considering adding food to your coffee shop menu, or looking for ways to serve more customers during peak times of the day, KDS technology can help take your shop to the next level. KDS and workflow tools will improve your barista’s efficiency, reduce order errors and waste, and provide valuable analytics and reporting.

joe Point of Sale with built-in barista KDS, mobile ordering, rewards and loyalty is here to take the grind out of opening, running and growing a coffee shop. Schedule a demo with a joe team member, or email us at

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