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joe Marketing Tip: Barista One-Liners to Talk about joe

4 phrases baristas can easy use to introduce joe mobile ordering & rewards to customers, all without slowing them down.

Baristas have a lot to juggle! From making delicious drinks and remembering weekly specials, to managing a hectic workflow and engaging with customers. Which is why as former baristas ourselves we made joe Point of Sale with built-in mobile ordering to reduce your barista's cognitive load and make their workflow more efficient.

But getting customers to try out joe shouldn't feel like one more thing to add to the endless to-do list. So we've put together a list of one-liners that are easy for baristas to remember, highlight the benefits of using joe, and encourages customers to join joe rewards.

  1. "Skip the line and get your coffee faster when you order ahead with Joe."

    This one-liner is back to the basics! Perfect if baristas are serving busy moms, teachers, commuters, or really any customer who is always in a hurry! With joe, customers can order ahead from home, the office, or even before a workout class. Then grab it and go. It speeds up service for both customers and baristas. 

  2. "Have you joined our new loyalty program to earn free drinks and exclusive discounts?"

    We recommend every joe Point of Sale partner try this one-liner in shop to quickly introduce customers to the newest loyalty program. joe rewards your customers for their love of coffee, earning points on every purchase. Plus, their receive special offers and promotions exclusive to Joe Rewards members. All they have to do is input their phone number at checkout!

  3. "With joe you can browse our full menu, customize your drink to your choosing, and easily reorder!"

    If your shop offers a ton of unique specialty items, a robust list of locally sourced pastries, and a full food menu, this one-liner is perfect for your audience. 1) it encourages customers browse your menu on their time rather than in line; 2) customers can customize their drink to their exact specification; and 3) this all happens without slowing down your barista queue. 

  4. "When you order ahead with joe, it helps us serve you better."

    Local coffee is all about community and connection.  It's a common misconception that mobile ordering eliminates the personal touch of a coffee shop that customers love. So baristas highlighting to customers how joe actually enhances their service is often the little nudge customers need to try it out. 

joe lets baristas better operate during busy periods, ensure customers' drinks are exactly to their liking, and opens up time for more meaningful conversations! Plus, Joe Rewards helps shop show their appreciation to loyal customers and provide even better service. 

So whether your shop is new to joe, or you're looking for inspiration these one-liners make it easy for baristas to highlight the key benefits of joe, and encourage new app users in your shop. 


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