Boosting Average Ticket with Momentum Coffee

Learn how joe partner Momentum Coffee intentionally used joe menu and marketing features to boost average ticket and maximize revenue per customer.

Opening a coffee shop in the midst of the pandemic is a challenge in itself, let alone growing revenue month over month. Learn how joe partner Momentum Coffee & Co-working intentionally used joe marketing features to boost average ticket and maximize revenue per customer.


Boosting Average Ticket with Momentum Coffee and Co-working

Momentum Coffee & Co-working located in Chicago triumphed a feat most business owners wouldn't undertake: opening a coffee shop and co-working space in the midst of a global pandemic. Momentum has an unbeatable mission to ignite local entrepreneurs of color in under-resourced areas through affordable co-working space, access to education, and of course serving great coffee.  They received a lot of community support so they took the plunge and opened their doors. Paired with contact-free ordering and pickup with joe, they were able to safely serve their customers as planned.

But with limited in person visits, Momentum Co-owner Nikki Bravo was asking "how can we keep the momentum (pun intended) in a difficult time?" They needed to make the most of every marketing dollar they spent.


NRB and TGP_momentum _Brandshot_2019

Momentum Coffee owners, Tracy Powell (left) and Nikki Bravo (right)

The Goal: Maximize revenue per customer

As a new coffee and co-working space heavily impacted by tightened COVID restrictions, Momentum needed to maximize revenue from every customer that was ordering at the shop. The trick was getting the right add-on items in front of customers to encourage impulse spending. After the customer falls in love with the product and quick service that additional spending translates to consistent behavior and consistent revenue growth.

The Tool: Menu images + up-sell items

"In September we started being really intentional about updating our menu with photos and utilizing all the joe menu features" Nikki told us. Setting checkout items was a crucial next step. "We took advantage of setting featured items and checkout up-sell and using them for our holiday specialty drinks like a Pumpkin Spice Latte". These strategic decisions put these items in front of customers and made a sizable difference!

The Result: Increased average ticket

“We noticed our average tickets increase immediately. We saw a wider variety in orders and regulars were switching things up and ordering something different" Nikki shared in a monthly performance review meeting with Growth Manager, Mario. "People started spending more and we are consistently seeing average tickets increase, driving new revenue each month”.   After adding photos and setting up-sell items, the average ticket bumped up from $8.80 to $9.80 and consistently grows month over month.

"joe was initially a temporary solution to get us through COVID, or until we could develop our own app. Now learning to utilize all the features, working in a true partnership with joe, and seeing our revenue increase, joe is definitely here to stay!" Nikki concluded.


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