10 drinks to encourage customers to cozy up in your coffee shop

Cozy on up with these re-imagined classics that will have every coffee lover running to your cafe.

A new season upon us which means new opportunities to bring old customers back in the shop and convert new customers in. Seasonal flavors and limited menus urge customers to come in and try something new, as well as increase your average ticket. Afterall, special drinks deserve a special price! 

Don’t forget to take advantage of joe’s built-in menu features that put your creative holiday drinks front and center in your customer’s online ordering experience. 

For some inspiration we’ve created 10 drinks, and gathered a few from joe partners,  that will both invite your customers to come cozy on the couch, and give a boost to your bottom line before the holidays. 

1 - 121 Coffee Run Spiced Cold Brew

image0 (2)

Who says cold drinks are only for warm weather? 121’s Spiced Cold Brew will be sure to warm you up with the delicious blend of brown sugar, vanilla &  topped with a housemade cinnamon cold foam. 


2 - Christmas Card

Ingredients: Cardamom latte topped with cloves & cinnamon

The warm feeling you get when opening a card from a loved one is the same one you will feel with this latte in your hands. The distance from loved ones may seem great but sip on this latte and be comforted that dear friends are near in your heart.


3 - Glean Coffee Roasters - Caribbean Christmas 

Although we might rather be physically enjoying warmer weather and sandy beaches, Glean Coffee’s Caribbean Christmas can at least get you in the mood. Their blend of caramel with real cane sugar and rum syrup will bring on the beach vibes your way.


4 - The Mistletoe Mocktail

Ingredients: Cranberry fizz, rosemary sprig & orange slice

Refresh customers with this delicious holiday-esque spritzer. We love the subtle cranberry and the rosemary and orange slice not only add delicious flavor but enhance the drinks overall look. Pro-tip: add a splash of cranberry juice & alcohol of choice to take this spritzer to the next level.


5 - Bliss Coffee Lounge - Gingerbread Latte


Ingredients: Cinnamon, gingerbread house sauce , double espresso and your choose of milk , topped with whipped cream and a delicious ginger cookie

The warm and inviting taste of gingerbread will make this the perfect wintertime treat. We love how Bliss Coffee took their spin on the traditional gingerbread latte by creating their own house made sauce (hello, easy upsell!) as well as topping it with a ginger cookie. What an instagram worthy drink that people will flock to.


6 - Marshmallow World

Ingredients: Marshmallow, White Chocolate & toffee nut

“It’s a marshmallow world in the winter” and we love the flavors in this drink. Sweet but with the toffee nut brings this drink to hit all the taste buds. Try it hot or iced for someone who is looking for something on the sweeter side of things!


7 - Because Coffee’s -Cousin Eddie

because coffee 1

Ingredients: Caramel, Eggnog, Cinnamon

It’s a short lived season but we love when eggnog rolls around on your menus. Because Coffee has perfectly paired the rich overtones of authentic eggnog with sweet creamy caramel to develop this heavenly duo. Top it off with cinnamon to cap off this already delicious drink.


8 - Cindy Lou Who Redbull

Ingredients: Redbull, Pomegranate + cranberry + splash of orange juice

Bright Eyed & Energized this drink will get your grinchs’ back in the holiday spirit. Be sure to layer the drink with and adding the orange juice last to give the blonde hair effect like Ms. Who.


9 - The Grinch


Ingredients: Matcha, peppermint & cold foam topped with candy cane sprinkles. 

This drink will be sure to turn that frown upside down on any of the Grinch’s in your life. The peppermint accentuates the earthy flavor of the matcha & the cold foam adds a nice touch of cream to this delicious drink.


10 - Sans-Nog

Ingredients:  Oat Milk, blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove with maple and hazelnut

Love Eggnog but can’t have dairy? Don’t worry we have you covered with the Sans-Nog. Bringing the creaminess of eggnog with the spices and subtle maple sweetness, the dash of hazelnut rounds out this drink to have you singing sweet holiday cheers.


Creativity in a limited time offer seasonal menu will encourage your customers in-shop to visit back before those flavors are gone. Online, joe’s built in menu features do the work to showcase your seasonal drinks, and incentivizing a higher ticket average for your cafe. Then joe’s built in loyalty program does the rest to re-engage customers and keep your coffee shop top of mind. 

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