From Joe's Playbook: 3 Expert Tips for a Winning Launch

Supercharge your coffee shop's growth with these 3 best practices for launching on joe. Learn how to market to attract more customers and increase revenue.

Welcome to the joe network! 

At joe it’s our mission to grow your business with tools and strategy that bring in more customers, who visit more often and spend more per visit. Finally giving indie coffee the upper hand against corporate competitors!

With over 1,000 shops in the network, joe brings together a wealth of consumer behavior data across the indie coffee industry. This allows us a unique look into best practices for shops, optimizing digital relationships, and how we can effectively market your shop to customers on the go. 

Customers who order with joe spend on average 45% more per month than customers who only order in person. That's net new revenue!

So, we set a goal for new shops in the network, to reach 100 orders in their first 30 days. From there, we'll do the rest! We can leverage our loyalty engine to maximize every dollar customers spend at your store. All you have to do is tell customers about it!


Harness the power of social media to make a splash!

When it comes to promoting joe to new and existing customers, our top recommendation is to connect with them where they already spend their time: on social media.

Your social media platforms provide a glimpse into your business, allowing customers to learn about your brand, the unique personality of your shop, and all the exciting updates. With joe sponsored promotions, introducing mobile ordering to customers becomes a breeze! During the launch, you'll be equipped with an exclusive promotion to entice customers and encourage them to give joe a try - making it effortless to announce joe to your audience!

But don't limit your promotion of joe to just the launch phase! With features like curbside pickup and refer a friend, there are numerous aspects your customers will absolutely adore, making it a breeze for you to promote joe on a regular basis.

Looking for a bit of inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Check out these reels to try out when you're feeling stuck.



Maximize Your Online Visibility

It's become evident in recent years that the trend of online ordering has experienced significant growth. With stricter safety measures and the widespread adoption of smartphones, the number of mobile searches for phrases like "coffee near me" has tripled, presenting a tremendous opportunity for coffee shops to engage with potential new customers at the exact moment they are most interested.

By including your joe ordering link in your social media bios, Google Business Profile, and website, you can effortlessly convert online browsers into loyal paying customers with just a few taps.

For the best results here are 4 Questions Your Google Business Profile Should Answer





In-store with joe Signage

As coffee enthusiasts ourselves, we understand that there are days when we have the luxury of spending time at our favorite coffee shop. However, we also acknowledge that convenience is often a top priority. That's why we highly recommend implementing mobile ordering for customers who visit your shop in person, and our joe signage makes it incredibly simple!

Our joe operational signage, such as the mobile ordering pickup sign, streamlines the flow for both baristas and customers. Additionally, promotional signage like posters or sidewalk signs can provide that extra push that customers may need to scan the QR code and download the app.

You can easily download and print all joe signage, both operational and promotional, at a local print shop. We suggest downloading the files yourself to ensure efficiency and to support another local business!

You can also purchase additional signage, like a parking sign or outdoor banner at


By following these proven strategies, you can establish a strong foundation for growth on joe. These innovative tools are designed to attract new customers and streamline your coffee shop's operations, allowing you to focus on what you truly love about running a coffee shop.

Stay tuned for more invaluable tips and tricks to drive growth, exciting product updates, irresistible promotions, and much more. If you ever need assistance along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to our joe Support Tool. Email us at for prompt support.


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