4 Questions Your Google Business Should Answer to Boost Local SEO

How coffee shops can attract new customers and save money on digital ordering by answering these 4 essential questions in their Google Business Profile

When it comes to your coffee shop's Google Business Profile, it's all about local!

The explosion of growth in online ordering has made every coffee shop's Google Business Profile a major tool for growth. Not only can you make a good first impression, but people are also more likely than ever to order digitally before ever stepping foot in your shop.

When potential customers search for "coffee shop near me," will they find you and be enticed to visit? Here are the four questions your Google Business Profile should answer about your coffee shop:


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(Featuring the stellar Google Business Profile of joe Point of Sale partner Urban Coffee Lounge)


1 - Can I visit your shop today?

According to SEO Tribunal, 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. Therefore, when a customer finds your basic operations info, it should be accessible and reliable. Consistency is key for a trustworthy experience. So double-check your hours of operation, business address, and phone number! Thankfully, Google Business often sends reminder emails about updating hours for the holidays, doubling down on consistency for your customers.


2 - What do you offer?

As smartphone ownership has jumped from roughly 2/3 to well over 85% in just the last 5 years, mobile searches of terms like "coffee near me" has tripled and created a huge opportunity for coffee shops to connect with potential new customers nearby at the exact moment their intent is highest.

A strong Google Business profile is a snapshot of the products, offerings, and services you provide. Firstly, upload beautiful images to showcase your most delectable food items, showcase your unique cafe space, highlight your barista’s latte art, and demonstrate how inviting your shop is.

Second, take the time to update your company description. Share what your coffee shop offers, what makes you unique, and the value your shop provides when customers visit you. With up to 750 characters available, include as many coffee-specific keywords as possible, and name your city multiple times in the description. This will help boost your profile’s ranking!

Pro tip: Prior to uploading images, rename the file to be keyword dense and improve your keyword ranking.


3 - What do your customers say about you?

In today's world, people trust online reviews just as much as word-of-mouth. Often, positive reviews and high ratings act as social proof, building trust and credibility for the coffee shop. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews can help attract new customers. And responding to both positive and negative feedback demonstrates the high level of customer service that new customers look for.

If your google business profile needs a few more customer reviews, check out these 7 Ways to inspire glowing customer reviews for your coffee shop.


4 - How can I order from you?

As a potential customer, your profile has caught my attention, and I trust that I’ll have a good experience there. So the last question you should be able to answer is “How can I order from you?”

Add your joe Digital Menu link, as an exclusive “Online Ordering” option, as well as your “Menu” to simply convert online traffic to paying customers in just a few taps.

Fun Fact: joe’s Digital Menu recognizes the users device. First time users have an intuitive process ordering, and valued joe users are automatically taken to your digital storefront in their app.



Attract new customers, save on every purchase

you're looking to attract new customers and save on every purchase, optimizing your coffee shop's Google Business Profile is a must. However, it's not just about having a profile - it's about having a profile that stands out and makes a strong impression.

At joe, we understand the importance of creating a digital experience that's tailored to coffee shops. That's why we've built technology exclusively for coffee and have developed the best-in-class web ordering experience. Learn more with a 1:1 consultation from a joe team member. 


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