4 Tips for promoting joe on social media

Drive app downloads by announcing joe to your customers on social media with these templates and suggested captions. Promoting is as easy as COPY and PASTE

This article is a part of the series 3 Best Practices for an Epic joe Launch. In this article, we take a look at tips and tricks for promoting joe across social media platforms.


4 Tips for promoting joe on social media

You've learned about all the features joe has to offer, from up-selling menu items to curbside pick up, and more importantly, how you can utilize them to increase revenue at your shop. Now it's time to go live!

Next step, announcing joe to your customers! Below are three announcements you should make to your customers that both educated them on using joe, and encourage them to download the app. Your goal: get 100 people to download the app once in your first 30 days.

Then we'll do the rest! Follow along for example captions you can easily copy and paste, and templates for you to download.


Tips for social media


1. Choosing LOCAL over corporate

Customers have a new opportunity to reimagine their coffee routine and dedicate it to their local businesses! So let your customers know that with joe, they never have to settle for corporate coffee simply because of convenience. 

Marketing your craft coffee, exceptional customer service, and the convenience of ordering ahead is the perfect combination. Don't forget to tag us @joecoffeeapp so your customers can place their first order in only a few quick taps.

Utilize our templates and captions we've created for you, or post your own!

Example caption:  "Getting the local coffee you love has never been easier with @joecffeeapp! We're partnering with joe to offer you the same delicious [insert shop name] coffee, with the convenience your busy life demands. Download joe, place your order, and we'll have it ready for you when you arrive. Link in bio."



2. Educate customers on how to use joe!

Sometimes, customers can be hesitant to try something new. While we pride ourselves in creating an intuitive and easy to use customer experience, your customers trust you.  So giving them a quick tutorial on how to use joe makes that small barrier disappear.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Go live on social media announcing your launch on joe. Then give a quick tutorial about placing an order! Customers love hearing from you and learning first hand how they can incorporate it into their routine. 
  • Everyone is on the go, so focus a post on saving time with joe with features like one-tap reorder or scheduling advanced pickup.
  • Do you offer curbside pickup? Try a post that spotlights your designated parking spot or pickup zone!
  • Take opportunities such as when you update your menu with seasonal beverages, to spotlight where in the app your customers can order them!



3. Share features that customers will love!

joe has an entire suite of built in features designed to gamify the experience, and bring them back to the app more often! 

Features like refer-a-friend, uploading funds, and double points day increase customer loyalty, and reward your customer-- on our dime! 

Sharing these built in features is an easy way to add new content to your social platforms. Highlight a feature of the app that rewards customers and makes ordering on joe so unique. 

Example caption: "Share the love of local coffee with a friend or family member! When you refer a friend to joe we'll treat them to their first coffee ordered ahead (up to a $5 value) and you'll get rewarded too!"




4. Leverage joe Sponsored Promos

Customers are 50% more likely to try out a new service when a deal is attached. So we've taken care of a promo to give new customers they little nudge they may be looking for. 

Our evergreen new user promotions – paid for by joe – are always available to help bring more customers through the door and save your money. Reach out to your Account Manager, or success@joe.coffee, for an exclusive offer to easily promote joe to new customers!




For additional marketing tips, strategies, and resources check out our joe blog or email us at success@joe.coffee.

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