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Built-in menu features to boost seasonal sales πŸŽ„

Promote Seasonal Signature drinks with joe's built-in menu features. Your customers will love to try something new and you get a boost to your bottom line.

Seasonal signature drinks, like these 10 holiday drink recipes, are a fun and effective way to reengage your customers, encourage larger ticket averages, and increase purchase frequency -- just in time for the holidays!

With these built in menu features, we'll automatically market your holiday menu for you, so you can focus back your attention to customers and serving your community.  In fact, joe partners who make intentional menu updates like the ones listed below see ticket averages increase more than $1.00 in the app! All with minimal efforts.

Utilize these 3 features (told you it was easy!) of your joe menu to effortlessly promote your seasonal signatures and give a boost to your bottom line!



First, start with scrumptious item images & descriptions

To make any menu item stand out from the crowd -- especially for your seasonal menu items -- creative images and descriptions on joe are a must! 

red images

When taking a photo of a seasonal drink, consider adding holiday accents in the photos, such as a candy cane, cinnamon stick, or peppermint bark alongside the cup. For cold drinks, add colorful sprinkles, or chocolate drizzle to make that drink look even more mouthwatering. 

Writing descriptions for drinks is simple!  Include the flavor profile, think about how customers will feel sipping on your drink, and when in doubt check out some common buzzwords. 

How to update images and item descriptions



Utilize Featured Items to automatically promote your seasonal menu items

joe's Featured Items, a powerful built-in marketing tool, promotes your seasonal drinks for you. It's a simple way to encourage customers in the app to take action and choose your limited time offers. 

featured items-1

As seen in the photo above, holiday drinks set as Featured Items are automatically advertised to customers when browsing your menu. 

Setting Featured Items in the app can be done from the "Menu Settings" tab in your joe merchant portal.

Here's how to add your own Featured Items


Last, let Checkout Upsell market seasonal food items to every customer

If your cafe is offering seasonal food items, such as specialty pastry's, utilize checkout upsell feature as a surefire way to encourage customers to buy them. 

joe's Checkout Upsell Items feature is like the perfect barista who asks every customer if they'd like to add a pastry to their order -- but without you having to nag.


Ideal for seasonal pastries, like the cranberry& white chocolate scone picture, you can choose up to 8 items from your menu that are automatically promoted to your customers at checkout.

Plus with your delicious photos and mouthwatering descriptions, it's a no brainer that they'll want to add it to cart.  Setting Checkout Upsell Items in the app can be done from the "Promote" tab in your joe merchant portal.

How to set Checkout Upsell Item


These three are just a few of joe's built in features that are a part of the joe's loyalty marketing engine. Let joe do the hard work to encourage customers to try something new and bring them back more often. You'll see a holiday lift to your bottom line!

For additional support growing your business with joe, or to learn more about joe's loyalty marketing engine, our Partner Success Team is here to help. Email us at and a joe team member will get in touch. 

Estimate your growth on joe



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