Partner Showcase: Bryan Reynolds of Anthem Coffee & Tea Shares His Formula For Success

Joe is a free service for independent coffee shops that lets them accept mobile orders & payment from customers that want to support small business and enjoy great coffee

"I’m a huge fan of Joe. They’re a champion of the indie coffee shops and understand the nuances of the coffee business and the local coffee shop flow."

-Bryan Reynolds, CEO of ANTHEM COFFEE


How joe works



  • ANTHEM has grown to nine high volume locations spanning the South Puget Sound
  • Bryan's philosophy of overdelivering on customer experiences led him to switch to joe from ChowNow
  • Bryan is sharing is formula through his Coffee School curriculum 

How ANTHEM Got It's Edge


(Above: Bryan Reynolds, CEO & Co-Founder of ANTHEM Coffee & Tea)

Many coffee shops strive to become a community staple, but it takes a clear vision, energy, and commitment to achieve it. Becoming a community hub - a place where real relationships are fostered - was so important to ANTHEM CEO and co-founder, Bryan Reynolds that he made it a focal point in the company's mission statement:

“We create unique experiences that change lives and bring people back! We do this by loving and serving people, by preparing top notch, hand crafted food and beverages, and by creating an environment where real relationships are fostered.”

But as he would tell you, the mission statement is just the beginning. Every day, Bryan lives and breathes a set of principles that he imparts on every team member at all six ANTHEM locations: 


  • Overdeliver on value
  • Give more than you receive
  • Love and serve others without expecting anything in return

When you enter any ANTHEM location, those principles are palpable. Baristas are hustling in harmony to delight every customer with incredible product and meaningful interactions. Each space offers the expected comforts you come to expect from an independent coffee shop, with a contemporary twist that keeps every visit feeling new and fresh. In short, everything from the food & drink, to the staff and environment feels uniquely inspired. 

Overdelivering Value: Why ANTHEM Switched to joe


Eager to provide impeccable service to customers, it was clear to Bryan that mobile order ahead was the future and he invested in it early. After having some success accepting mobile orders on ChowNow for a period of time, Bryan decided to switch systems and accept orders through joe

"We decided to move away from a branded app for a few reasons. First off, there were a few key features missing, like simply remembering a previous order for the purpose of reordering daily, rewarding customers with loyalty points for using the app, and reporting for our team was a nightmare." 

Beyond a better feature-fit for a coffee businesses, the human side of doing business influenced his decision to make the switch as well. 

"I really appreciate the way that Joe is focused on building relationships first, they get it - this is an app company built by baristas, for baristas so they understand the nuances of the coffee business and the local coffee shop flow."

Growing The Vision

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 12.38.38 PM

With nine incredibly successful shops (and expanding!), you'd think Bryan's plate would be full - but he's not in it just to find success himself. Bryan is pouring his boundless energy into making it easier for other leaders with big dreams in coffee to achieve success as well. 

"I really enjoy spending time helping other business owners clarify their Big WHY, develop guiding principles, help them thrive in leadership and avoid burnout. As a leader, it's important to unify their team and objectives as a business in order to achieve a successful, sustainable, and enjoyable business for the long haul."

Beyond mentoring other business owners, Bryan has developed a stellar curriculum with modules tailored for owners at all stages of the cycle as part of his Coffee School. Whether you are planning on opening your first coffee shop or you have years of experience in the space - Bryan has content to help launch or revitalize your business at a time when a clear vision is imperative to be successful.  

"I believe that mission is the ultimate motivator, not money, not fame or notoriety, MISSION. I believe that the people we lead and work alongside wake up everyday wanting to win at life and it’s our job as leaders and owners to show them what winning looks like."  

Ready to take your shop's performance up a notch? 


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