Partner Showcase: Diedrich Espresso

Joe is a free service for independent coffee shops that lets them accept mobile orders & payment from customers that want to support small business and enjoy great coffee


  • Diedrich is walking orders out to customers that order ahead
  • All 13 drive thru locations are now online and accepting orders through joe
  • Regulars are ordering more frequently and no longer deterred by long lines


Jasmine Diedrich, owner of Diedrich Espresso is a straight shooter and shared her take on why joe made sense for her business the day she decided to sign up. "You have to get with the times or get left behind."  

The owner of 16 locations north of Seattle, Jasmine was looking for a way for her regulars to avoid long wait times that come with the morning rush. Too often, her most valuable customers - regulars that order every day - would pull away after waiting in line for too long and were likely lost to another stand or a Starbucks drive thru.

After trying UberEATS, she wasn't satisfied with the lack of fit for her business. Because UberEATS was really designed with restaurants in mind, the app simply didn't fit the coffee workflow: tips didn't go to baristas, coffee was cold when it arrived and at a 30% take by Uber, the whole thing was just too expensive. 

Making a choice to use joe

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Moving away from UberEATS for mobile ordering left her with the knowledge that she needed a way to offer the on-demand experience that consumers expect in this day and age, but in a package that made sense for the coffee workflow on both sides of the transaction. Coffee is such a ritualistic behavior and the majority of business comes as customers are on their way to a destination, pickup made more sense than delivery. 

When Jasmine was introduced to joe, the fit was obvious. Because joe is built specifically for coffee, it just made sense. With built in loyalty, a way to tip out baristas, fully customizable menus, dedicated account managers, and at no extra cost, the decision was easy. 

Jasmine elected to bring on every one of her 13 drive thru locations to the network at once. She worked closely with the joe success team to schedule trainings and go live in a single day and within 24 hours she was accepting orders at all locations.

To deliver an exceptional experience to her most valuable customers, Jasmine has baristas walk out orders to a dedicated parking spot marked by a free-standing sign provided by joe. This allows customers that order ahead to skip the wait so they always have time to order leading to increased revenue and a shorter line for in-person orders.

Join the movement

Are you ready to offer superior service for your most valuable customers? Schedule a demo or begin the sign up process and you can begin accepting orders in as little as 24 hours. 




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