5 Ways to Boost Orders Through Word of Mouth

Krystal Wester, owner of joe partner Hot Shot Sisters gives five best practices for marketing joe in-shop.

Hot Shot Sisters puts a healthy spin on their coffee stand in Fairbanks, Alaska. Complete with fresh-pressed juices and healthy eats, this buzzing coffee stands is adding new revenue through joe every month. 

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Hot Shot Sisters in Fairbanks, AK has grown to nearly $2,000 in additional incremental revenue per month through joe since joining the network. When asked what advice they'd recommend to other partners in the joe network answer from owner Krystal Wester was a resounding "talk about it!" But the real gold in her advice is a little more nuanced than that. Below, we unpack five hacks to make getting the word out about joe simple, efficient and effective. 

1. Tell people to download the app

According to owner Krystal, the first step is to growing incremental revenue with joe is about as straight forward as it gets. "You have to hand out cards and tell people to download the app."  The key here is actually telling people to download it. Setting cards out and putting signage up helps, but it's a better reminder than anything else. It takes 5-7 times for someone to see signage or an ad before they tend to take action - but when they hear about from someone they trust (in this case the barista or an owner) it may only take once.  

2. Focus on joe as a time saver 

Hot Shot Sisters' freshly made smoothie bowls are a hot seller and a big boost to their average ticket. They also can take a while to make.  "We started telling customers 'preorder your bowl' because it takes time, no matter what." 

The result? Krystal's coffee stand is averaging over $14 per transaction through joe and her customers are more likely to order the big ticket items that take longer to make - even when they are in a rush. 

3. Make it personal

Relationships are the name of the game in indie coffee. According to Krystal, it's important to put joe in context of what you know customers already care about: "Know who your customers are and what they need. Then cater to their needs and educate them on how they can order!" 


  • Regulars that get the same thing every day can one-tap to re-order their favorites 
  • People with a long commute always appreciate they don't have to add to it by waiting in line.  

4. Connect social media and in-person

It's important to keep all your customers in the loop on new features in your shop. Krystal has a lot of customers who aren't active on social media, so she doesn't want to rely too heavily on just mass marketing through social. "When we have a special on social media, we try to talk about it when people come through too." When you have a new specialty drink do you post a photo on Instagram and put it on your specials board? Do the same with joe ;)


5. Give it some time

Be patient and make the effort to promote joe early and often, it will pay off. "With anything, it takes time to build that customer base and loyalty."  Getting a couple new people to try the app every day adds up fast, but only if you're consistent with it. Once customers try the app once, joe will take care of keeping you top of mind with deals, offers and incentives to order more often with higher average tickets. 

Feel like you should be getting more orders with joe? Shoot us an email at success@joe.coffee to find out what deals and offers you qualify for.


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