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Meet Kayla, Success Manager  ✨Extraordinaire✨

Get to know the faces of the joe Partner Success Team. Meet Kayla! She's dedicated to helping small businesses thrive and coffee shops grow on joe.

At joe, we take pride in truly partnering with independent coffee shops and their owners. In this short series, we're meeting the faces of the joe Partner Success team who work with every joe partner to launch successfully, set and surpass goals, and ultimately grow their business. 

Meet Kayla Ortiz, joe Partner Success Manager ✨extraordinaire✨!

After soaring through the first 30 days on joe, most shop owners and operators partnering with joe will get the opportunity to work with Kayla.

Kayla is dedicated to building relationships with partnering shops, passionate about helping small businesses thrive, and has become both an advocate and friend to many shop owners. Yep - we're lucky to have her!

We asked her a few questions to get to learn more about Kaya's role, working with coffee partners, and some fun things too. Afterall, she could be helping you grow your coffee business!



1:1 with Success Manager, Kayla

Q: How would you describe your day to day as a Partner Success Manager?

A: Every day is different! On a typical day, I split my time between answering questions for new partners to ensure they are confident as they launch, helping current partners grow and maximize the impact we can make on their bottom line, and then brainstorming with our team on how we can continue to evolve the product in a way that makes life easier for shop owners and baristas.


Q: What have you learned most in your role? 

I come from a start-up consulting background so I have always worked with small businesses, but prior to joe my coffee experience was limited to what I saw as a coffee consumer. I learned early on that for joe to create a lasting impact, understanding both the local culture and community for each of our partner shops is key. Talking with shop owners quickly educated me on all of the challenges shops face and how they have navigated the changing times.

As I chat with shops now I ask about local community events, causes they support, and current challenges to understand how we can personalize their joe experience throughout the year.


Q: What are you most looking forward to in your role?

A: Since I am based in Virginia, I am excited to grow the joe network on the east coast. I’ve had the pleasure of working with our current east coast partners, and I hope to expand the joe community even further out here!


Q: We have to ask, what's your favorite coffee beverage?

A: Now that it’s in season - an iced dirty chai with pumpkin sauce! 😜


Q: If you opened your own coffee shop, what would you name it?

I have a two year old rescue pup named Luna, and one of her many nicknames is Luna Bean - I think Luna Bean Coffee Bar has a nice ring to it!


Q: What’s your favorite part of your role? 

A: My favorite part of being a Partner Success Manager is when I get to launch a second or third location for a current shop and watch their growth firsthand! I always look forward to growth consultations with partners to catch up on what’s going on at the shop and how I can help them leverage joe even more as they continue to grow. Being able to see the impact joe can have for shop owners makes this role so rewarding.


Kayla is just one of the joe Partner Success team dedicated to helping coffee shop owners grow a thriving coffee business.  Tap into the Growth Calculator linked below to learn how your Partner Success Manager will help your shop grow through the right tech, automating loyalty, and acquire new customers. 

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