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FAQs about joe Point of Sale

We recently launched the joe Point of Sale. Read some of the most frequently asked questions below for answers about pricing, loyalty, gift cards and more.

We recently launched the joe Point of Sale Early Access Program. Read some of the most frequently asked questions below for answers about pricing, loyalty, gift cards and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does joe Point of Sale work?

joe Point of Sale is built specifically for the indie coffee industry, with shop owners and baristas in mind. This all in one system harmonizes your in-person and digital ordering, automates loyalty, and gains your access to the largest network of indie coffee lovers in the U.S. 

By simplifying the system behind the bar, baristas can spend more time creating valuable experiences with customers. Through automated marketing, joe will do the work to bring them back in more often and with larger ticket averages. joe Point of Sale is one simple solution to effortlessly grow your coffee business.


How much does joe Point of Sale cost?

Through the Early Access Program, coffee shop partners pay an industry low 2.4% + $0.10 per in-person transaction and will never pay for a monthly or annual subscription.


How does joe Loyalty work? How do customers join the loyalty program? 

The joe POS brings your digital and in-person rewards program together in one seamless experience where customers can earn points across mobile and in-person orders. 

Customers claim their points in-person by entering in their phone number on the customer facing device at any point during checkout. Then joe will immediately follow up with them via text and encourage them to create an account on joe to start earning and redeeming rewards!

The more purchases, through joe and in-person, the more points! Customers can redeem smaller rewards earned more frequently, or save them up for a free drink!


Can customers redeem rewards in person?

Rewards earned can be redeemed through the placing an order on the joe mobile app. At joe, we believe that you can speed most routine purchases, especially reward redemptions from loyal customers, by moving them to mobile. Prioritizing these orders enhances the customer experience of loyal customers and increases efficiency for baristas behind the bar.


Do customers have to immediately join joe to claim points?

Customers can claim points in-person with a phone number, then must create an account on joe to redeem their rewards. Don't worry though. We'll save all the points associated with their phone number, then when the customer creates their joe account they'll instantly be able to see their points and any rewards earned!


Can I accept gift cards with joe POS? 

Our philosophy at joe is to move routine, on-the-go purchases like gift card spend, and discount redemptions to mobile ordering to speed up your workflow. Ultimately, this results in a higher ROI on your labor cost for baristas, while creating a better experience on both sides of the counter. 

Digital-only gift cards as well as the ability to reload those cards over and over on the app, we keep coffee budgets tied to local coffee shops, speed up workflows for our partners. If you currently have a balance of gift cards in the hands of your customers, we recommend processing them through your old POS system. 


What happens when I, or my customers, need support?

At joe, we pride ourselves on forming true partnerships with the coffee shops we work with. For any needs, from technical support to growth consultations, you’ll be set up with a designated Account Manager.  You can always reach your Account Manager at

Additionally, you and your customers will be backed by a full joe support team to help with requests.


Interested in learning more about joe Point of Sale? Schedule a demo with us to see how joe POS could fit seamlessly into your coffee shop! 

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