Operating During COVID: Create a Buffer Zone

COVID-19 best practices to keep customers and baristas safe.

This blog is a part of the series 9 tips for pick-up only service. This article focuses on 5 easy best practices implement to create a buffer zone between customers and baristas.

Create a Buffer Zone

To keep customers and staff as safe as possible, reconfigure your cafe to create a buffer zone and meet COVID health standards. In this article, we will cover 5 recommendations you can implement into your shop to create this buffer zone. 

joe partner South LA Cafe is accepting both mobile orders and orders in person. So to keep both customers and staff healthy and safe, they've taken the extra steps to create a safe experience with their buffer zone. 


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5 steps you can implement

1 - Move your POS

First, grab a table and an extension chord and move your POS closer to the front door. Doing so will ensure that all face to face interactions are at least 6 feet away from your barista at the espresso bar. 


2 - Go cashless

Eliminate the additional transfer of germs that always linger on cash, and only accept cards. Plus, most POS systems now require customers to insert their card, which eliminates your staff from handling any form of payment at all.

For an added level of safety, disable customer signatures on your POS. If customers would like to add a tip, recommend they verbally tell your staff. 


3 - Designate a pick up area

Designate a pick up table next to the front door that is also at least 6ft away from the espresso bar. For best practice, your barista should set the order on the table, and walk at least 6 ft away before your customer picks it up.  Designated signage ensures it is only used for the purpose of pick-up.


4 - Prepackage food

If you offer food, consider prepackaging it. South LA Cafe offers some prepackaged food items and has them ready to go on the table near the entrance. This speeds up transactions and keeps customers from lingering in the cafe for too long.


5 - Wear gloves

Like best practice for any food service, wearing gloves is always the safest way to prevent the spread of germs from person to person. Keep both your customers and staff as safe as possible with disposable gloves. 


Offer the highest level of safety and go completely contact free with mobile ordering. To register and get started, email us at success@joe.coffee


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