Operating During COVID: Move Condiments Behind the Bar

Prioritize public safely by removing condiments from your cafe's condiments bar. Here are some best practices for providing a safe and healthy in-shop experience.

This blog is a part of the series 9 tips for pick-up only service. This article centers around prioritizing public health in your cafe by moving condiments behind your espresso bar. 

Move condiments behind the bar for a healthy customer experience

Taking the extra precaution in your shop to keep things sparkling clean will keep your baristas healthy and encourage customers to come back for more. To further prevent the spread of germs, we recommend removing common items and surfaces that customers frequently touch in shop, like your condiments.

Instead, hold them behind the bar for baristas to serve customers as needed. Place a sign on your condiments bar to notify guests, like joe partner Segue Coffee.


Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 8.38.34 PM

Here are the most common items found on a cafe's condiment bar that can easily be held and served by your barista.

Move these items

  • Cream options - baristas can easily top off drip coffees or americanos for your customers
  • Sweeteners - sugar packets and honey can be added to any drink upon request
  • Lids - prevent customers from grabbing the wrong sized lid and putting it back
  • Straws - for added protection, temporarily switch to straws wrapped in paper
  • Stir sticks 
  • Silverware - if you don't have individually wrapped silverware, take a couple minutes each morning, or prior to close, and wrap silverware in a napkin with a rubber band

Service may take a bit longer, but every preventative step taken makes a big difference for long term public health. 


The safest way to serve your customers is to go contact-free with mobile ordering. To get started with joe and be accepting orders in as early as 24 hours, email us at success@joe.coffee.


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