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One Screen Mode Offers Workflow Resilience & Efficiency on joe Point of Sale

Discover the new One Screen Mode on joe Point of Sale, offering coffee shops workflow resilience and efficiency with a single device.


One Screen Mode

The latest update to joe Point of Sale now introduces the innovative One Screen Mode. This exciting feature allows coffee shops to have both barista view and customer view on a single device.

By enabling One Screen Mode and pairing it with a bluetooth card reader, high volume drive-thru coffee shops can efficiently manage orders and serve customers in the line using their existing barista KDS screen.

Moreover, One Screen Mode enhances the reliability of point of sale hardware in cafes. In rare cases where communication between the barista tablet and customer tablet experiences issues, cafes can easily switch to one screen mode on the 5G barista tablet and stay connected online.

Please note that to utilize the wireless functionality and benefit from one screen mode, devices must be paired with a bluetooth card reader, and gift cards need to be manually entered.

See how to enable One Screen Mode and learn additional best practices here


Additional updates to joe Point of Sale 

In addition to the introduction of Single Screen Mode, coffee shops using the joe Point of Sale system will benefit from two additional updates in the latest release.

The first update that both baristas and shop owners will notice is the automatic printing of a Gift Receipt whenever a customer adds funds to a Gift Card or reloads funds to a Rewards Card in person.

The second update that baristas will appreciate is the new feature that allows them to easily login or logout a customer from the Barista Checkout Screen. At the checkout, baristas can manually add a customer's Rewards profile by entering their phone number. If the customer is a Rewards member, their profile will automatically appear on the customer-facing screen, showing their Rewards status, such as earned rewards and available balance. Additionally, baristas have the ability to edit or remove the Rewards profile associated with the order directly from the checkout screen.

Add phone number


For additional support, and to see how One Screen Mode can be best utilized in your coffee shop, reach out to your Account Manager or a team member at


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