Now Available! joe Rewards Brings Coffee Shops their Own CRM Tool

Discover joe Rewards' newest CRM tool for coffee shops, can help coffee shop owners connect with customers anywhere, build brand loyalty, and boost your bottom line.

Starbucks achieved its powerhouse status by creating a brand and an experience that customers could trust. However, let's be honest, with better coffee, a more personalized café experience, and the features of joe Rewards, there is no competition.

We all understand that a remarkable coffee brand begins with an exceptional experience. As a small business owner, you recognize the importance of providing outstanding service to your customers. With the "Customer Tab" on the joe Coffee App, you can stay connected with your customers even when you are not physically present in your shop.

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Tools to connect with customers anywhere

By utilizing the marketing features available in the"Customer Tab," you can easily view and filter customer reviews, ensuring that your team consistently delivers a trustworthy and enjoyable customer experience. Metrics such as "Order time," "Customer Star Ratings," and "Ready when I arrived" allow you to closely monitor your daily operations and make any necessary adjustments to enhance the overall customer experience.

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But what about those instances when a customer did not have a great experience? We all strive for perfection, but mistakes sometimes occur. The joe Coffee App offers a solution for this too. You can send a personalized message directly to the customer through the app to demonstrate how much your small business cares.

To go the extra mile, you can even attach a digital gift card to encourage the customer to give your business another chance. This gesture not only showcases your commitment to customer satisfaction but also provides an incentive for them to return and experience the exceptional service your small business has to offer.

With the joe Rewards and its innovative features, you possess the tools needed to create a brand and an experience that rivals even the biggest names in the industry. By leveraging the "Customer Tab" and taking advantage of the direct messaging capabilities, you can build a loyal customer base and establish your small business as a trusted and remarkable coffee destination.


joe Rewards and these marketing capabilities are available to every joe partner. But the real magic happens when joe Rewards meets joe Point of Sale, truly becoming the all-in-one coffee shop operating system. To see how much your shop could grow with joe on your counter, chat to a team member below.


Marketing for the modern coffee shop owner

Grow your shop following, build your brand, and give a big boost to your bottom line with joe Point of Sale + joe Rewards. 




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