Loyalty Marketing Dashboard gives shop owners powerful insight

New Loyalty Marketing dashboard makes it easy for shop owners to view the impact of joe loyalty marketing.

Our built-in marketing engine keeps indie coffee shops like you top of mind for on-the-go purchases, and new updates to Loyalty Marketing reporting give shop owners the data insights to power their business. 

loyalty marketing dashboard


Every customer who orders on joe is instantly enrolled into our automated marketing engine and is automatically reengaged through data driven deals, personalized offers, and joe-sponsored campaigns, to bring them in more often without you having to lift a finger.

Our latest updated to the joe Merchant Portal now includes a Loyalty Marketing reporting dashboard that makes it easy for shop owners to track impact and sales attributed to joe marketing efforts. 

This simple dashboard we make it easy for shop owners to track revenue from customers who discovered their shop from the joe marketplace, as well as sales attributed to customers who maximize our built in loyalty program. Together, this adds up to a total Marketing Attributed Revenue number that should provide a 25% lift on digital orders, and continue to grow every month. 

Watch a virtual demo below to see why thousands of indie coffee shops partner with joe automate loyalty, grow their bottom line, and acquire new customers who would otherwise settle for corporate coffee. 

Watch a Virtual Demo

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