Point of Sale Updates- May 2023

Learn about the latest updates to our product, including better order management, enhanced sales summary, and bug fixes.


What's New with joe Point of Sale 

In our latest product update, we have made significant improvements to our order management system, sales summary, and overall system stability. Read on to learn more about these exciting new updates.


Purchase a loyalty card or issue store credit with "Manage Funds"

The latest version of joe impacts joe Point of Sale partners. At checkout after a customer has inputed their loyalty phone number, we’ve merged the "add funds" and "edit funds" buttons into a single "manage funds" button.

Image from iOS

In this new "manage funds" modal, baristas will see two options:

  1. "Purchase Loyalty" - where customers can purchase a store-specific loyalty card. They can use this loyalty balance to pay in-person, or when they order ahead.
  2. "Grant Store Credit" - where baristas can issue a store credit to customers, such as to rectify a poor experience. This store credit will appear as a digital loyalty card in a customers' joe app.

This new button simplifies the barista experience at checkout, making it quicker and more efficient for customers to purchase a loyalty card, or to issue a 

Check out a full tutorial here


Enhancing Customer Interaction & Barista Workflow with Customer Names

customer edit name

The latest update to joe Point of Sale empowers baristas to provide an excellent customer interaction both at checkout and during order fulfillment, even when customers are not already members of the joe loyalty program.

Previously, if customers had not joined joe loyalty and did not have a profile within our system or bypassed loyalty opt-in at checkout, no name would be associated with the order, resulting in a blank item ticket that interrupted barista workflow.

This latest update, baristas or customers can manually add their name to the order at checkout, ensuring that orders are not lost in the system and that workflow is not interrupted.

Check out the how-to tutorial here



Sales Reports and Analytics at Your Fingertips

At joe, we understand the importance of data-driven decision-making for businesses, and that's why we have updated our Sales Summary view on the joe POS system to include a date range. This allows for a more detailed review of sales data to help managers and coffee shop owners compare sales day over day and make informed decisions.

sales summary

In addition, we have made it possible to print a copy sales summaries from that desired date, ensuring that coffee shop owners have easy access to important sales data.

Check out the how-to tutorial here


Reliable Connectivity

This latest update to joe also includes nearly 20 bug fixes related to card reader stability, ensuring reliable connectivity and fewer workflow interruptions.

Additionally, we have updated designs around card reader errors to make troubleshooting easier.



At joe, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for coffee shop owners, baristas, and their customers. Our latest update to the joe Point of Sale system is a significant step forward in optimizing barista efficiency, supercharging customer loyalty, and helping grow coffee shop businesses.

If you haven't already, we invite you to try out the joe Point of Sale system and experience these exciting new features for yourself. 

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