Introducing the Barista Tip Management Tool: A Game-Changer for Coffee

joe's new Barista Tip Management Tool, designed to enhance cash till accuracy, barista efficiency, and provide valuable insights for coffee shop owners.

We're excited to announce the latest release of the joe Point of Sale, now featuring the new Barista Tip Management Tool. This innovative feature aims to improve cash till accuracy, enhance barista efficiency, and provide shop owners with valuable insights - all with the intention of making the end-of-shift process smoother and more accountable.

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Tip Tracking for Baristas on Shift

In the coffee business, every second counts. The Barista Tip Management Tool is designed to save baristas time during their shift, as well as reconciling their register at the end of shift — no more manually inputing credit card tips and divvying them up! With new Barista Identities, joe automatically calculates the tips based on the number of hours a barista is clocked in, and number of baristas on shift.

At the end of each shift, the system will generate a total tips recorded for baristas to "cash out" at the register, and joe records that as a line item on the End-of-Night report.

And for an added safeguard, the tool also features an Auto-Clock Out feature, which occurs one hour after the store closes.

How to: Set up Barista tip identities

How to: Automatically track & allocate tips to baristas on shift



Reporting & Accountability for Shop Owners

This new tool not only streamlines the tip management process for baristas but also provides shop owners with a comprehensive report of staff's total tips and tip reports in several areas.

End of night report cash deposit

First, shop owners can view tip reports in their merchant manager dashboard as well as the End-of-Night reports that baristas deposit.

As seen above, the End-of-Night report, that baristas can print at the end of their shift now reflects credit card tips pulled from the cash drawer, as well as a comprehensive Cash Deposit Report further improving accuracy and accountability.

For Owners: Reporting & Accounting Tips  


The introduction of Barista Identities for tip tracking marks the initial step towards more robust role identities where users have access to tools and features based on their employee status.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements that aim to make your coffee shop management experience even better!



Save time. Increase tips. Boost barista satisfaction. 

Streamline barista workflow to serve more customers without the added stress with joe Point of Sale, built by baristas for coffee.



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