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Enhancing Efficiency: Introducing Save a Tab for Busy Baristas

Enhance efficiency for busy baristas with the new Save a Tab feature from Joe Point of Sale, streamlining order-taking and optimizing operations for coffee shops.


Introducing Save a Tab: Enhancing Efficiency for Busy Baristas

Introducing the latest addition to Joe Point of Sale: the Save a Tab feature. Designed with busy baristas in mind, this new functionality aims to streamline the order-taking process during peak hours, allowing baristas to serve customers more efficiently.

With Save a Tab, baristas can now add items to a cart and save the ticket for later checkout, freeing up valuable time at the register and enabling smoother operations during busy periods.

This feature is particularly beneficial for coffee shops with drive-thrus and those hosting events, where quick and organized service is essential. Here's how it works.


How to Use Save a Tab: Streamlining Order Management

Using the Save a Tab feature is simple and intuitive. When taking an order, baristas can add items to the cart as usual, then choose to Save the Ticket instead of checking out immediately.

See how in the demo below. Pro Tip: View in full screen for best performance. 


From the Order Status Screen, baristas can easily access and modify open tabs, adding additional items as needed or marking items as completed once fulfilled.

Then when all items are fulfilled and the customer is ready to check out, baristas can open the tab and continue the payment process. 

This seamless process ensures that orders are efficiently managed and fulfilled, allowing baristas to maintain a steady workflow and provide prompt service to customers.


Empowering Efficiency and Exceptional Service

The Save a Tab feature represents a significant enhancement to Joe Point of Sale, empowering baristas to maximize efficiency and deliver exceptional service even during the busiest times.

By streamlining the order-taking process and providing tools to manage orders more effectively, this feature enables coffee shops to optimize their operations and enhance the overall customer experience.

With Save a Tab, Joe Point of Sale continues to innovate and support the needs of modern coffee shops, helping them thrive in today's competitive market.



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