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Product Updates: March & April 2023

This month's update to joe Point of Sale includes redeeming promo codes in-person as well as applying discounts to an entire ticket. Plus a look ahead.


Promo Code Redemption

Redeem Promo Codes In Person

To further bring the joe Loyalty and Growth formula to the in-person experience, the latest update to the joe Point of Sale now includes the the ability to redeem promo codes in-person, as well as through the joe app.

  • Baristas can now apply a promo code at the register
  • Promo Codes will only be applicable to single items, not off the entire order
  • Promo Codes can either be $ or % amount
  • If the promotion has more than one redemption available, joe automatically tracks that and showing applicable promotions

Promo codes must be created in the merchant portal. Here's an article on how to create a promo. Once created applicable promotions will be visible under the blue promo code button at checkout.

Growth tip: Did you know promo codes are one of the best tools for acquiring new customers in-person? Yep! Because of their flexibility and effectiveness, to name a few reasons. 

Schedule a strategy meeting with your point of sale Account Manager and kickstart growth with a custom promo code campaign. 

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Updates to In-person Discounts

Upon request, joe Point of Sale partners can now apply a discount to the entire order.  Previously, discounts were only applicable at the item-level.

Discounts include:

  • $ Dollar Amounts 
  • % Customized Amounts 
  • Discount Button Line Item at the bottom of the order
  • Notes will now be at the Discount level rather than item level

Please note: If your customer would like a receipt at discount the receipt must be printed at Order Creation. 

In Person Gift Card Scenario

Coming Soon - Manage Funds at Register

Upcoming releases of the joe Point of Sale app includes updates to printers and details on printed receipts.

  • Baristas will be able to transfer over funds from Square Gift Cards Balance over to their joe balance 
  • Baristas will be able to implement store credits at the register 
  • Load Funds to an account with a gift card fund upload
  • Transfer Gift Card (If Database has been uploaded to our database for additional fees)
  • Add Store Credit: Allow for baristas to transfer or add credits to a customers balance

Screen Shot 2023-04-20 at 4.58.41 PM

Point of Sales Updates 

From feedback we've received and partner requests we also have additional updates in the pipeline.   

  • Sales Summary Date Range will be included in the Sales Summary Tab + Print Option
  • Updated Customer Facing Screen with Keypad 
  • Ability to edit user name after phone number has been added
  • Updated Customer Facing Screen language 
  • Order Status Screen icons at the card level 

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