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November 2022 Product Update

This month's feature set includes dynamic discounts, updated payment details, card reader updates and more!

This month's introduces new product features across the joe platform including Point of Sale and Merchant Portal. 

Custom Discount at Checkout

The latest update to joe Point of Sale now includes the ability to customize discounts at checkout. The primary options $1, $2, etc. will be available but now you will be able to toggle between dollar amounts or percentage discount to be applied at the item level.

Status Screen (1)

This now gives your baristas the ability to apply the discount with a tap of a button. 


Improved Card Reader Experience

Our engineers have been able to work closely with Stripe Credit Card Processing company to update the SDK from 2.7 to 2.14 to improve the card reader stability and improve reconnection process. 

Included in this update is an additional pairing screen during the connection flow. The screen will provide indication that reader has been found and now pairing. 

Order Status Category Filter (2)


Filters Now Available at Status Screen

The order status filters, released last month, is now more accessible in the top right hand corner of the Order Status Screen. Easily adjustable for your team or back of the house staff, this will allow your team to swiftly enable or disable any filters to control the status screen from the tip of their finger.

  1. In Person Orders - Device Level: Only shows orders processed and accepted on this device ONLY on Order Status Screen. 

  2. Mobile Orders - Device Level: Only Display Mobile Orders on the Order Status Screen

  3. In Person Orders - Store Level: 100% of orders from any device paired to the Coffee Shop. Drive Thru, Mobile, Etc. (In - Person Orders - Device Level filter must be active)

Status Screen

Updated MCC Code - "On Behalf of"

The latest update includes new MCC codes for all in-person credit card charges. MCC codes detail your shop name in consumer's bank transactions history. This will reduce the confusion of customers and will allow them to properly track the purchases at your shop. The new format will now allow 22 characters.


 This update automatic, is only applicable to joe Point of Sale partners and does not require any additional steps.

joe Point of Sale harmonizes in-person and digital orders, automates your coffee shop loyalty, and effortlessly acquires new customers who would otherwise settle for corporate coffee. Learn more below.


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