6 Moments During a Shift Every Barista Can Relate To

6 moments during a busy shift at the coffee shop that every barista can relate to

5:30am - Walking into your shift...

It's early. You need coffee. It's going to be a busy day. But this is what you're made for. This espresso bar is your kingdom.


7:00am - It's starting to get busy...

And you secretly love it.


9:00am - That regular strolls in and picks up their drink 

They ordered ahead on joe, and you had it ready for them. 



11:30am - The rush slows down and you handled it like a pro

You were slinging drinks left and right, serving in-person customers and busting through those mobile orders.  Let's face it, you're a beast!


12:45pm - Counting your tips & they were 🔥

Since switching to joe Point of Sale, your tips have increased $6.00 per hour. I guess that means it's, time to treat yourself!



1:15pm - Your work here is done

Serving delicious caffeinated drinks with exceptional customer service. See you tomorrow, folks!


Baristas are the backbone of every coffee shop, and deserve tech that maximizes their performance, not hinders their skill behind the bar. If you have stellar baristas and want to serve more customers in the same amount of time (plus increase barista tips!) joe Point of Sale is for you. Learn more below.

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