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How Surfers Coffee Streamlines Workflow with joe Point of Sale

Optimizing workflow efficiency eliminated wasted energy and gave baristas new motivation to serve a growing customer base.


Upgraded to joe Point of Sale and increased monthly revenue 18%


Added over $12K in new monthly revenue


Increased barista tips by $2K per month


Meet Surfer's Coffee


For most independent coffee shops, service and community through coffee is at the heart of their mission. But what is often overlooked is how the barista experience behind the bar impacts the exceptional customer experience they are striving to create. 

For Kayla-Raine Franks, of Surfers Coffee in Wahiawa, Hawaii, an inefficient workflow was hurting their cafe experience, putting stress on baristas, and limiting opportunities for growth. “We didn’t even realize how inefficient our workflow was before upgrading to joe Point of Sale!”

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Optimizing Workflow Efficiency

During their workflow and hardware consultation with a success team member, together they discussed opportunities to increase efficiency in their existing workflow. 

"Our previous workflow wasted so much energy trying get things done." Surfers is set up with one barista at the hot bar, making all the hot espresso drinks, and another at their cold bar to fulfill orders that include iced espresso drinks and their famous acai bowls, but it required a runner to deliver orders to the right part of the kitchen. 

Working with her joe success manager, Kayla-Raine added two bluetooth printers to their workflow meaning they could automatically send the right items to the right part of the workflow in one tap. "Now we're able to care more for our baristas and more for our customers because we have the energy for it! "

"Our workflow is so much more streamlined with joe," she shared with us. "The baristas are able to pump through making drinks, and we're able to serve so many more customers." No runner required.

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Effortlessly Serving More 

Focusing on optimizing efficiency in their existing workflow set a solid foundation for growth and opened up new opportunities for fellowship. 

"We've definitely noticed our barista's are happier and more motivated since adopting joe POS. They are seeing growth, and having more meaningful conversations, all without adding to their workload." And their tips have benefited too, increasing 33% in just four months from $6K to $8K per month. "It's been great to see new customers go from being a burden on baristas to a blessing."

Since upgrading to joe Point of Sale and optimizing efficiency, Surfers has added $12K in revenue each month. That's an 18% increase in monthly revenue that will continue to grow.

"I don't think we would be here financially if our workflow was still in the same spot it was before adopting joe POS."


joe Point of Sale is the single tool you need to effortlessly grow your coffee shop business. Like Surfers Coffee,  joe POS will harmonize in-person and digital orders, automate loyalty, and acquire you new customers who would otherwise settle for corporate coffee. Have questions? Click the link below or email us at

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