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Operating during Coronavirus with Long Beach Coffee Club

In this article, Long Beach Coffee Club invited joe for a 1:1 conversation on the impacts of COVID on the coffee industry and how owners are adapting.

Empowering Indie Coffee Shops to Serve

Long Beach Coffee Club in California, is a community-based club centered around coffee, education, and conversation. Founder of Long Beach Coffee Club, Matthew Torres, invited joe Co-founder Brenden Martin to talk about the impact of the Coronavirus on small coffee businesses.




  • Coffee shop owners are the true stars during this time! They go above and beyond with ingenuity and creativity to provide their customers a sense of normalcy in a time of uncertainty  
  • joe provides local coffee shops the safest way to serve their customers to-go with contact-free ordering and pick up options
  • Consumer behavior within the coffee industry has been transitioning to more mobile transactions, the virus has been a catalyst to implementing virtual ordering and to-go so shops can remain open



For more resources around operating your shop during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out our joe blog for articles, success stories, and additional resources. 

If you're interested in providing the safest customer experience with contact-free ordering and pick up through joe, email us at to get launched on the network.

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