San Antonio Shops Serving Culture in Every Cup

The San Antonio Coffee Hop promotional event gives coffee lovers the opportunity to explore the Texas coffee scene and meet the faces behind some of the cafes, coffee bars, and mobile coffee trailers. One thing is for sure, in San Antonio, coffee and culture go hand in hand. 

In celebration of this event we sat down with several partners in the San Antonio area to learn their story and share out. Learn more about them below, and be sure to stop by their shops! Who knows, you may find your new favorite coffee spot.


Savage Coffee Co 

Owner Diana Gonzalez founded her coffee company to fuel the go-getters and #BossBabes of her San Antonio community.

Diana and family (savage coffee co)

Diana Gonzalez, owner of Savage Coffee Co, and family.

Q: What is the origin story of your shop?

I got into the coffee business after being laid off due to COVID, and decided it was time to be my own boss. I became a vlogger and started networking with small business owners. It was during that time that I was told about a food trailer that was for sale. I knew I didn’t want to sell food, but I had always thought about having my own coffee spot so I purchased it. I contacted a friend who works for a local coffee roaster and that’s how Savage took off. The name came to me while listening to a song on the radio and the logo was created by my husband. I wanted my business to stand out from the rest and offer unique products available only at Savage. While on Instagram, I came upon a coffee drink that was made with a Mexican candy and thought that was genius! I hadn’t really seen anything like that where I live and & felt that it would be a hit with my client demographic. 


Q: What is one thing you want people to know about your team and your shop?

We are a business run by 3 people: myself, my husband, & my mother. We take a lot of pride in our brand and products. 


Q: What drink is your shop known for? What’s your favorite drink personally? 

The star of our trailer is our Tomy Latte which is made with a rich Mexican butterscotch. I’m a chocolate fan so my personal favorite is the King latte made with a Mexican chocolate candy bar & hints of cinnamon.


Q: What do you feel makes San Antonio’s coffee scene so unique?  

The love and support SA has shown us from day 1 is incredible and extremely humbling. This city is a hub for dreamers, entrepreneurs, & go-getters. Even though it’s a big city there is a tight knit small community vibe that rally’s behind those of us who take the leap of faith and decide to believe in ourselves!


Kulture Kafe 

Cindy Barquero, owner of Kulture Kafe built her business to make a difference in the lives of her community members, all through culture and delicious coffee.

Cindy at KultureKulture Kafe Owner Cindy Barquero

Q: What is the origin story of your shop?  

Coffee found me and chose me. The beginning was very hard with many trials, but my family and friends always reminded me that behind every successful business is a struggle and a story. My purpose and my vision is to become a blessing for someone else’s future. Kulture Kafe  is destined to make a difference not only in the Coffee/Food industry but in the San Antonio community. We will help others and we will give the best experience! People ask why Kulture? Well, first Kulture is inside of me and represents hope, security, stability, and being grounded. Every culture is different and unique. Love coffee, love people! Everyone that comes to Kulture is welcome equally! And, Kulture as a business. We hold on to the values we believe in.  “No matter where you are, coffee can bring any Kulture together”. All this accomplished is because I believe in my faith, my walk with God has given me the strength, patience, understanding, learning, loving and showing me that to have a business is not just to make money but to make a difference in people's lives and coffee is the perfect love language for that.


Q: What is one thing you want people to know about your team and your shop?

We are different and we believe in kindness. 

Unicorn Drink KultureKulture Kafe's refreshing Unicorn Drink.

Q: What drink is your shop known for? What’s your favorite drink personally? 

We are known for our Unicorn drink, which is very refreshing. The tea is said to have stress-busting effects that may also help reduce symptoms of anxiety, improvements in hair and skin health. It also has very unique flavors. My favorite drink is our Brew House. It consists of cold brew, oat milk and our house made vanilla syrup.

Q: What do you feel makes San Antonio’s coffee scene so unique?  

Everyone loves coffee no matter what. Rain or shine, we need coffee!


Just The Drip at The Point Park

Denise Aguirre owner of Just The Drip created her coffee shop saw an opportunity to collaborate with her community and grow her local business model through something everyone loves: coffee.

File (35)-1

Just the Drip owner, Denis Aquirre (right) with husband Noel (left) and Fidel (center) Just the Drip's in-house roaster.


Q: What is the origin story of your shop?

Just the Drip opened in 2018 to serve as the coffee side of our main location, The Point Park. The Point is a craft beer and wine bar + a food truck park. The Point Park has been operating since 2012. 

Q: What is one thing you want people to know about your team and your shop? 

Just the Drip is the headquarters for Quantum Coffee Roasters.  Just the Drip was created as a collaboration with a dear customer and now friend, Fidel Moreno owner of Quantum Coffee Roasters. Fidel was a home roaster but his coffee was growing in popularity in our community so we decided that the perfect addition to our locally grown business model was coffee.  He started roasting on site in 2018. This is a family/friend operation and I even hired Fidel's daughter as my barista. 

Q: What drink is your shop known for? What’s your favorite drink personally?

Our most popular menu items are our rich and decadent Tres Leches latte and our Bunuelo latte. It's sweet and cinnamonny and served with a crispy bunuelo bite, perfect for dunking. My favorite is a really good classic drip coffee.  I'll try it black if it's a new shop or roast I haven't tried...but not gonna lie, I like my cream and sugar. 


Q: What do you feel makes San Antonio’s coffee scene so unique? 

Each coffee shop, coffee truck, coffee bar has its own unique vibe. You can literally try something new and creative at each place.  We're all pretty friendly about it too.  (no coffee snobs for the most part.)



These three coffee spots are just a few of the 25+ shops in the greater San Antonio area on joe! All with exceptional coffee and a unique story behind the beans that we're featuring during this year's San Antonio Coffee Hop.

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