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How to Launch a Coffee Marketing Campaign in Seconds with joe

Learn how to launch a coffee marketing campaign in seconds with joe's Automated Marketing Campaigns tool.

Create an eye-catching reel, stay updated on trends, craft a marketing email, include an irresistible offer - but be mindful of your budget! The list of tasks to run a successful marketing campaign goes on and on...

Who has the time for all of this? Certainly not small business owners! But as a small business owner, we can't overlook the fact that time is your most precious resource! And often, traditional marketing tools available to small business owners, such as marketing emails, consume a lot of time and yield ineffective results.

One solution? joe's automated marketing campaigns tool.

Instead of casting a wide "marketing net" and trying to reach the right target audience, let's go straight to the source!

With joe's Automated Marketing Campaigns tools, you can reach your most loyal regulars right where they are: on their phone.

And the best part? Launching a new campaign can be done in seconds!


Why Should You Market with Automated Campaigns?

Sending marketing messages using joe's Automated Marketing Campaigns tool comes with a ton of benefits. 

Here's the top three:

#1: Save Time

Work smarter, not harder. Right?

Small business owners are juggling a million and one tasks. So when you can schedule a marketing campaign on the go, from your phone on the joe Coffee App, shop owners can spend more time running their coffee shop. 

Not to mention joe's pre-built campaigns, and pre-built customer audiences, let coffee shops lean on our expertise and the joe-network data thousands of coffee customers across the U.S. to do the work for you! 

#2: Build Your Brand

joe's Marketing Campaigns is flexible to not only fit your brand, but showcase it!  Whether you're using a pre-built message, or crafting your own, evert message comes from you and your brand. 

Messages come with customizable features such as your unique messaging, banner images, customized call-to-actions, and promo codes that fit the personality of your brand or campaign.

Tip! Remember, not every marketing message needs to include a discount or monetary incentive. Getting your brand in front of customers when they are not in your shop can be just as impactful in driving repeat business, and it is also more cost-effective.


#3: Tailor made for coffee audiences

Coffee customers and their ordering behavior is both unique specific. Therefore coffee marketing must also be!

joe's customer audience segments make it simple and effective to send the right message, to the right customers, at the exact right time.

Segment customer audiences using our pre-built campaigns, or draft up your own! 


Tap through a demo of joe Ordering System on your terms

Because we know you're a busy coffee shop owner!




How to launch a marketing campaign in seconds, with joe

When launching your marketing campaign, you have a couple of options including using a pre-built message, creating your own from scratch, and crafting a recurring automated message. 

Option #1: Use one joe's Pre-Built Campaigns

We've generated 3 marketing messages that coffee shops can use to kickstart their coffee shop marketing.

These messages include:

  • Discount on a single menu items
  • Thanks for Visiting!
  • Re-engagement, "We Miss You" 

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 2.37.56 PM

Choose a message, duplicate the campaign, add your personalized touches to messaging and a branded banner, and click send to publish your first campaign in a matter of seconds!


Option #2: Create your own Message from Scratch

Test-drive the full capacity of the automated campaigns tool by creating your own campaign from scratch. 

In your merchant manager, tap Create a Campaign. Follow the prompts on screen to customize your message wit

  • Title and Message
  • Banner Image
  • Audiences to include and exclude
  • Call to Action button
  • Promo Code
  • Delivery schedule

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 2.43.01 PM

Making this message on a mobile device? Tap the eyeball icon to preview prior to launching your campaign!


Option #3: Set as a one-time Message or Recurring Delivery 

You may notice during campaign creation the ability to "set as automated campaign".

With this feature enable, the message converts from a one-time marketing message to a recurring campaign that is automatically sent to customers based on their qualification into the audience.

This is a great tool to send welcome messages to new customers, or reengagement messages to customers who haven't visited in a while! 

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 2.43.55 PM


A successful campaign with Joe Partner Caffe Ladro

Looking for some inspiration? Joe Ordering System Caffe Ladro recently sent out a marketing message titled "Best Deal in Town" to all their customers who have the Joe app downloaded.

In collaboration with their Account Manager, they crafted a brand-centric message that promoted their Rewards Card Deal.

The offer was simple: customers who uploaded $50 would receive $60, providing a little extra incentive for rewards card members to dedicate their coffee budget to Caffe Ladro.

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 5.26.32 PM

The message proved to be a success! It was sent to over 6.5K customers, resulting in a 27% open rate.

As a result, customers uploaded a significant $2,500 worth of Rewards Cards, which is more than a 300% increase compared to their typical daily adoption rate.


Tap through a demo of joe Ordering System on your terms

Because we know you're a busy coffee shop owner!


joe's Campaign Tools offer coffee shop owners a time-saving and efficient solution for running effective marketing campaigns. With features tailored specifically for the coffee industry and the ability to reach customers where they are, these tools empower small business owners to connect with their most loyal customers and drive growth. 

Tap through a virtual demo see what kind of impact these tools can make for an indie coffee shop like you. 



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