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7 Ways to Inspire Glowing Google Reviews for Your Coffee Shop

High ratings act as social proof online, developing trust and credibility for your coffee shop. Here are 7 ways to organically encourage 5 star reviews.

Encouraging customers to leave positive reviews on your coffee shop's Google Business Profile is a game changer in growing your reputation online. Before deciding to visit your shop, customers want to make sure that what they see through your pictures or online menu, is actually what they are going to get.

Just as powerful as word of mouth, positive reviews from former customers can make or break your conversion rate from a “coffee shop near me” search to a paying customer.

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If your coffee shop is lacking in 5 star reviews on Google Business, here are some friendly suggestions on how to incentivize and encourage customers to leave positive reviews:

  1. Provide exceptional customer service: Of course the first step to encourage glowing reviews is to offer an experience and product customers will want to review positively! A warm and welcoming atmosphere leaves a positive impression on visitors, delicious drinks make for an unmatched experience, and when customers have a great experience they are more likely to voluntarily share their positive feedback.

  2. Display signage or reminders: Place signs near the checkout counter or on tables kindly requesting customers to leave a review if they enjoyed their experience. A QR code that links directly to your Google Business Profile makes it super simple for customers to snap a photo of their drink and leave a 5 star review faster than they can finish their latte. These friendly reminders can serve as gentle prompts to encourage satisfied customers to share their thoughts.

  3. Encourage staff to mention reviews to regulars: Educate your staff to mention the importance of customer reviews and politely ask you most loyal customers if they would be willing to leave a review. Because baristas have often developed relationships with regulars, we recommend starting with those who visit daily. A friendly and personalized request from a staff member can have a positive impact on customers and motivate them to take action. A two week campaign can make a big difference in your online presence!

  4. Offer incentives or discounts: Consider running a short campaign and offering discounts to customers for leaving a review. For example, you can offer a small discount, such as a 15% off their drink, when they show you their Google review at their next visit. Make sure to comply with Google's review guidelines and avoid offering incentives solely for positive reviews.

  5. Host social media contests: Social media is an excellent tool to encourage 5 star reviews. Utilize your social media platforms to run contests or giveaways where customers can participate by leaving a positive review on your Google Business Profile. Offer enticing prizes like a coffee lover gift basket, a digital gift card powered by joe, or merchandise from your shop! This can generate excitement and encourage customers to engage with your profile.

  6. Share positive reviews on social media: Whenever you receive a positive review blast it across your coffee shop's social media accounts! Acknowledge and thank the customer for their kind words. By sharing positive reviews, you not only show gratitude but also encourage others to leave their own reviews.

  7. Respond to negative reviews: Lastly, responding to negative feedback left by dissatisfied customers shows that you value your customers' opinions and care about their satisfaction. It gives you an opportunity to address their concerns and find solutions to any issues they experienced. This proactive approach can help rebuild trust and retain customers.

Remember, reviews should always be done ethically and authentically, without pressuring or incentivizing customers to leave false or biased feedback. Focusing on providing exceptional service and delicious drinks is the best way to long term organically encourage reviews.


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