Q&A with Mita's Coffee House

Get to know Mita's Coffee House owner, April Pomeroy and their success with joe.

One on one with Mita's Coffee House

We can't get enough of Mita's Coffee House! Located in Corsicana, Texas, Mita's continues to stand out in weekly orders, revenue, and phenomenal customer service. This family friendly coffee house serves up delicious coffee and food for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We chatted with April Pomeroy, Mita's owner, about their joe experience, and to share some of the success with other partners. Check it out below!

Q: Why did you choose to use joe and how has it impacted your business?

A:  "As our business began to grow, we began to notice that something was missing in our area for avid coffee drinkers. When researching options for a rewards program, we discovered Joe Coffee. Not only would this provide our customers with rewards for drinking their everyday coffee but it also would allow for faster orders, an easy pick-up option and all from the touch of your phone. The decision was simple. After launching the app in our shop, we found that even customers in our small town enjoyed using something so modern and functional. It has been a huge success! Plus, it provides small businesses with a really great platform to support each other. "


Q: What marketing tactic(s) has been the most effective for encouraging your customers to order through joe?

A:  "After the initial launch, we have found that telling our customers in person has proven to be an effective marketing tool and of course, social media. We have a lot of feedback from Facebook so reminding customers to try the app and introducing it to new followers has worked best for our business."


Q: What is one piece of advice you can give to a new shop on joe?

A:  "Do not be afraid of the tool/tablet - it is very simple to use! Make sure that your entire staff is trained to utilize the tool to fill orders and maintains awareness of the tablet throughout the day. "


Q: What is something unique to your shop?

A: "Our shop is really lucky to not only have great coffee and beverage options but to also have hand-crafted breakfast, lunch and Sunday brunch menus. We also host events and parties throughout the year and work with locals to create customized menus to entertain. We love having a little something for everyone! "

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