joe Gift Cards Rival Starbucks as the most personal coffee experience

Say goodbye to traditional gift cards and hello to joe's Rewards Cards, the custom branded, personalized and seamless rewards cards for indie coffee.

At joe, we're shaking things up in the world of coffee shop rewards and gift cards. Our new joe Rewards Cards thats backed by an entire suite of marketing capabilities gives indie coffee shops a competitive edge and industry giants like Starbucks a run for their money.

joe Rewards Cards go beyond traditional coffee shop gifting. With joe Rewards, we're ringing the Starbucks Rewards' formula for growth to your independent coffee shop to build your coffee brand, incentivize customers to become loyal regulars, and kickstart growth. Here's how:

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Revolutionizing Brand Building with Rewards Cards 

joe Rewards cards are completely customizable, allowing you to showcase your coffee shop's unique brand, whether they're sitting on your cafe counter or being redeemed digitally through the joe Coffee App.

You might be thinking to yourself, "I absolutely love these! How can I order?" Well, you're in luck! Simply head over there to order and customize physical cards through our trusted partner, CardSource. You can choose from our pre-designed options or let your creativity shine and create your own unique design!

Order your cards now! 

Now, let's talk about these rewards cards. They're far from your average gift cards. Thanks to the power of joe Rewards, these cards bring the technology and strategy of Starbucks Rewards cards and put them in your hand.

Just like Starbucks, your customers can order in-person or can order ahead using their gift card balance, plus view their balance and reload directly from the joe app

With joe Rewards cards, you can make your coffee shop stand out and leave a lasting impression on your customers.


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Rewards Customers Get All The Perks

Being a joe Rewards member comes with serious perks! Customers get to enjoy a seamless and personalized checkout experience that caters to their coffee routine. They have the freedom to choose their preferred payment method: swipe the physical Rewards card, enter their Rewards phone number and PIN for digital payment, or simply use the joe Coffee app for quick on-the-go orders. It's all about convenience and satisfaction!

But hey, that's not all! With the joe Coffee App, they'll have the power to effortlessly keep tabs on your balance and rewards earned. Need to top up your balance in a flash? No worries, we've got you covered.

And the perks? Oh, they're endless! As a member of joe Rewards, customers earn points at lightning speed, join in on exciting weekly bonus point challenges, and unlock exclusive discounts, deals, and a whole lot more. Trust us, joe Rewards will take your customers' coffee experience to a whole new level!

Take that, Starbucks!


joe Rewards and digital gift cards are available to every joe partner. But the true marketing magic of joe Rewards begins when paired with joe Point of Sale. With joe Point of Sale, independent coffee shops can elevate their rewards program to a whole new level. 


Unlock the true potential of your coffee shop 

Discover how joe Point of Sale and joe Rewards will transform your coffee shop's marketing strategy.




Coming soon! Deals to encourage coffee customers to join in

A simple yet super effective method that Starbucks uses to foster loyalty among their customers is by providing incentives for customers who upload money to their Starbucks Rewards account. Soon, we'll be launching a newly improved Merchant Manager, complete with the new Marketing Tab, where you can create and offer the same types of incentives to your customers!

Through this Marketing Tab, you can create deals that reward customers when they allocate their coffee budget to their Rewards card. By offering exclusive perks and discounts you can entice customers to choose your small business over competitors.

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For instance, you can reward customers with $75 when they upload $60 to their Rewards card, or $125 when they upload $100, making their loyalty even more rewarding. And implementing this strategy not only encourages customers to spend more on their coffee purchases but also fosters a sense of exclusivity and appreciation. 

Additionally, you can further showcase your brand in the joe app, by using the "Upload Card Design" feature in the Merchant Manager to set a branded image for all digital gift cards. You can keep it consistent with the physical card design, highlight your shop's logo, or let your imagination run wild and get creative! The choice is yours.

Are you ready to unlock the true potential of your coffee shop? Get started with a free 1:1 demo with a team member. 


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