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July Product Updates: Sales Summary & End-of-night Reports

Closing shift just got easier for baristas with this latest update set to include printed till reports and daily sales summary view.

The latest feature-set release to the joe Point of Sale put baristas and owners' experience at the forefront, making daily tasks such as til reconciliation simple, efficient and accurate to help take the grind out of running a coffee shop.  

Comprehensive Sales Summary View

Applicable to all joe partners, the latest release to the joe Merchant PLUS app now includes a comprehensive Sales Summary view armed with real-time, daily data to give owners the necessary business insights.

Updates will include:

    1. Sales Summary: High level gross sales, total transactions processed for the day and your average ticket
    2. Payment Type: View where your sales are coming from by payment type, including credit, debit, cash, and mobile.
    3. Tip Amounts: Baristas can easily view tips by time of day and hour


We understand how imperative it is for shop owners to accurate data insights to make data driven decisions for staffing and cost analysis. This release, with a detailed Sales Summary, helps owners and their team stay accountable on sales to grow your business.

How to view Sales Summary


Cash Till Reconciliation & Printed Receipt

We've redesign the cash till workflow to make both tracking cash sales and the closing-out process as intuitive and simple as possible.

The latest update includes a more robust feature set for the following:

  1. Closing the Till: Reconcile at the end of the day easily with updates to Til Management including starting cash total, payment type breakdown, total tip amounts and additional sales information.
  2. Cash-in / Cash-Out: Track cash-in and cash-out for barista tip payout at the end of the day or any additional payments you may need for vendors.
  3. Closing Till Print Out: For simple register tracking and accountability for cash till experience with a print out report to pair with your End of the Night report for bank deposits! 

Sales Summary (2)

How to Open / Close the Till & Print a Report


End-of-the-night Reporting 

The latest update benefits joe Point of Sale partners with the new ability to print an end-of-night report.

This comprehensive report and printed receipt is complete with Total Sales broken down by payment type, barista tips, any discrepancies , etc. etc. etc,. 

This end of night report and physical receipt gives baristas the tool to accurately and efficiently complete their closing tasks as well as gives shop owners the ability to confidently track daily sales. 

Note: This end-of-night report is only available through the joe Point of Sale app, not in the merchant portal.  

How to Print an End of Night Report 


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