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April 2024 Updates: Enhanced in-person Gift Card experiences and more

This month's updates to joe Point of Sale include enhanced in-person gift card experiences, and the ability to search for a customer and start their order.

Search for a Customer Name, then Start their Order Instantly

This latest update takes Customer Favorites to the next level! If baristas know your customers by name, they can now use the Customer Tab to search for a customer, then tap the "Start Order" to instantly log in the customer's rewards profile, see their Favorites, and begin their order.




Gift Card Deals now available for all Gift Card purchases

Whether purchasing a card for yourself or a friend, or many gift cards for your coworkers, all gift cards purchases now qualify for active deals. Regardless of if the card is attached to a loyalty phone number, gift card deals apply.

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Read more: Gift Card Deals, What they are and how to create your own


'For You' or 'For Family/Friend' when purchasing a gift card

In addition, during the gift card loading process there is now the ability to choose if the gift is For You (the customer purchasing the gift card) or 'For a Friend".

If the gift card load is 'For You', it will automatically be linked to the rewards account, but if it is 'For a Friend', the purchasing customer can earn rewards on that purchase but the card balance is not yet associated with a rewards account





Link a rewards account to a physical gift card without having to make a purchase

This latest update allows baristas to link a customer's rewards profile to the gift card without having to make a purchase first. See how in the video below. 

At any point in the transaction, baristas can tap the Gift icon on the menu, then select to check the balance of the card. With the balance of the card available, baristas can follow the prompts on screen to link the customer account.




Updates to UI for Gift Card Refunds

In the chance baristas need to refund a gift card, baristas will notice "Refundable Amount". If the gift card was purchased with a deal, such as Load $50 and get $60, only the $50 will be available to refund.

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Please note: Gift Card Refund policies are on a store-by-store basis, and up to the discretion of the shop owner.  


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