October 2023 | Gift Cards Powered by joe Point of Sale

Independent coffee shops to can now order and accept physical gift cards. Boost brand loyalty and get cash upfront this holiday season. Learn more now!

NOW LIVE! Purchase & Accept Physical Gift Cards with joe POS

We're thrilled to announce our newest feature release for partners who are powered by the joe Point of Sale: Purchase and Accept Physical Gift Cards!

joe Gift Cards put the formula for growth that has propelled Starbucks to new heights and transforms it to fit for independent coffee shops and their loyal customers. This all-in-one gifting and rewards experience empowers customers to maximize benefits on in-person and mobile orders while giving owners the benefits of cash upfront.

These new features are designed to take your coffee shop brand, customer experience, and loyalty marketing to the next level. Let’s dive in.


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Order Gift Cards via CardSource

We’ve recently partnered with CardSource, an industry-leading gift card manufacturer to offer fully customizable gift cards. Coffee shop owners can order physical gift cards through our co-branded CardSource portal. This feature lets coffee shop owners create a gift card design that truly reflect their unique brand and appeals to customers.

Order Gift Cards Here


Purchasing a Gift Card in-person

With this latest update to joe Point of Sale, your baristas will notice they have two options in selling gift cards at the register.

Bulk Purchase of Gift Card

Customers can purchase a single gift card, or bulk purchase up to 10 gift cards for a group of friends, family members, or other community members.

Check out this article linked here to go through both scenarios for your baristas.



Redeeming Gift Cards in-person

With this latest update, there are 3 different scenarios of how a customer will be able to pay at the register using their gift card balance based on if the customer is a member of the rewards program or not.

Pay w Gift Card Opt In

Customers who are a member of the rewards program get the most personalized and rewarding experience. After a customer has inputed their Rewards phone number, baristas will notice the Balance of their gift card in the customer profile at checkout. From here, customers can choose to pay with their physical gift card via a swipe with a universal card reader, or they can use the same gift card balance and pay digitally with their unique 4-digit PIN.

If customers chooses to opt-out of the rewards program they can pay with a swipe.

This article linked details each of these options that demonstrates the barista checkout experience and the customer checkout experience.


Backed by a Rewards Program that Rivals Starbucks

Gift cards are a powerful tool for independent coffee shops to acquire new customers, build loyalty, raise brand awareness, and boost their bottom line. They attract new customers, encourage return visits, build brand awareness, and are financially beneficial as they represent deferred revenue, improving the coffee shop's cash flow.

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joe physical gift cards are backed by a built-in loyalty and rewards program and automated reengagement, taking customer loyalty to the next level for indie coffee shops.

This and more is powered by the joe Point of Sale, built exclusively for independent coffee. Learn more about the joe Point of Sale and how to kickstart growth at your coffee shop.



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