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Calculate the cost of online ordering for your coffee shop

Specialty coffee shops are looking for a solution to compete against Starbucks on mobile ordering. Branded apps are a tempting option, but with a closer look they are too expensive and create a bad customer experience.





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Enabling online ordering through your point of sale can be quick and easy, but the customer experience is really built for restaurants - not daily coffee consumers which puts a major damper on sales. It's also a lot more expensive than most coffee pros realize. 

The two area most people overlook are:

a.) Card-Not-Present fees per transaction ranging from $0.20-$0.30 add 2-3% on a $10 ticket (more if your average ticket is smaller).

b.) Monthly fee ranging from $75 - $300 or more that when divided as a % of total online sales end up bringing the total cost to close to 20%.

At joe, our online ordering product is focused on keeping costs as low as possible for your existing customers that are ordering through the web by charging just 2.9% with $0 flat fee per transaction.

We then rely on our mobile marketplace to bring you NEW customers at the same cost you would otherwise pay just to accept online orders through your point of sale or a generic 3rd party tool. 


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