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Use this calculator to determine the real cost of your current online ordering solution. For more, learn about joe's approach to pricing and how we're boosting online sales for coffee shops by 300%+.




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Enabling online ordering through your point of sale can be quick and easy, but the customer experience is really built for restaurants - not daily coffee consumers which puts a major damper on sales. It's also a lot more expensive than most coffee pros realize. 

The one area most people overlook is the $0.30 flat fee per transaction that is standard with "card not present" transactions. At joe, we eat the cost so you don't have to and bet on creating such a good experience that people will stick around a long time so we can make up for the cost.  Point of sale companies on the other hand, have you take on that cost. For a $4 latte ordered online, that adds 7.5% to the 2.9% variable rate for a total of 10.4% just to process the payment. 

Despite that cost, those costs don't include loyalty, marketing investment, or access to the largest community of indie coffee lovers like we do at joe. To contrast, we reinvest half of our profit back into our coffee shop partners in the form of automated deals and discounts to maximize your spend per customer without you having to lift a finger. We automate the customer marketing across the network so you can focus on great product and service while we take care of growing your bottom line for just 9% including payment processing (6% commission). 

Use the tool above to calculate what your cost is as a % of total so you can compare solutions apples to apples. If you are charged any flat fees to enable loyalty or anything else related to the online menu, make sure you add that in. Then, read on below for some more context behind the numbers.


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