How Coffee Ethic is Adapting to COVID19

We sat down with the owner of Coffee Ethic to understand how they are adapting and evolving to safely serve customers during the COVID19.



As part of our ongoing effort to empower independent coffee with resources, tips and best practices to adapt during the COVID19 crisis, we are interviewing a series of business owners that are finding ways to safely serve customers and protect baristas. 

First up on our list is an interview with Nate Murphy of Coffee Ethic in Springfield, Missouri. Coffee Ethic has operated a coffee shop for over 12 years and as a roaster for over 6 years.  



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(Photo Cred: Instagram)

In this interview with joe co-founder Brenden Martin, Nate highlights several innovative tactics he has implemented to lead his business through the crisis and provides tips and learnings among a variety of topics including: 

  • Launching a bottled latte operation in 24 hours
  • Minimizing shift overlap to protect baristas
  • Implementing local delivery 
  • Working with local vendors and community to adapt quickly
  • Repurposing cafe space for operations

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