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Innovation in Coffee: Why Naomi Joe Chose joe Point of Sale

Why it's important to support local coffee, what is unique about his coffee shop, and why innovation was key to choosing joe has his point of sale.

In July, the joe team took to the Tacoma coffee community and stopped in at a few of our beloved coffee shop partners, as well as launch a new coffee shop on the joe Point of Sale.

In this conversation, Brenden Martin, joe Cofounder and CPO, talks with Kyle Willingham, owner of Naomi Joe Coffee about bringing innovation to coffee and the South Puget Sound through light roasting and joe's technology.


Q: First off, can you tell us Naomi Joe and what makes it unique in the coffee industry? 

A:  Well, I'm bringing light roast to the south sound area right now. I have a really scientific approach. It starts with the roasting process and is carried through to the brewing process as well.

Q: Why is it important to support local, especially when it comes to coffee?

A: Well, you find the coolest people hanging out at the community spots! But also, the business owners really pour their heart into what they're doing. Coffee is kind of like an artists' expression, so you have to experience it in person

Q: Why did you choose joe as a Point of Sale solution over your previous point of sale? 

A: I needed something really intuitive, and something that was innovative. The rest of my coffee business is very future oriented and I'm always thinking about "what's next?". I knew I had to be on mobile ordering, I needed the exposure, and I knew [joe] had everything I needed to make a small business happen right now in 2023. 


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