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How joe POS helped Vail Coffee Stop take the next step

joe Point of Sale helps Vail Coffee Stop streamline workflow and boost customer experience.

Vail Coffee Stop in in Vail, Arizona has partnered with joe to streamline workflow, improve customer experience, and boost their loyalty marketing with the joe point-of-sale built for coffee shops of all shapes and sizes. 

We sat down with Vail Coffee Stop owner Mike Tate to talk about how this single tool has transformed the barista workflow, cutting transaction time in half. Read the full Q&A below.

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Q&A with Mike Tate, Vail Coffee Stop Owner

Q: How has joe positively impacted your barista’s workflow?
A: "joe has completely changed the workflow of our baristas. The barista used to take the orders, write them on the appropriate cups, hand them over to start making the drinks and then ring up the drinks at the register. Now that person can just focus on the customer. They take the order and input them directly into the register while taking their name if needed. We have the tickets print for the drinks to be started as well as a screen in front of the espresso machine that keeps all the drinks in the right order. Printed tickets have also reduced errors that we had from reading handwritten orders on cups. [joe POS] has cut this time in half and significantly increased speed for taking orders."
Q: How has joe positively impacted your customer interactions?

A: "Everyone is excited to see something new and really get excited when I explain it is a way for them to earn rewards for their drinks. Once they use the screen a few times they know to walk to the window and start entering their phone number. Some people have mentioned they appreciate seeing what drinks we ring up in front of them so they know we are making the correct drink. Our tipping average has gone up significantly as well."

Q: What is your favorite thing about partnering with joe?
A: "Our favorite thing about partnering with joe is that you understand coffee shops and how they operate. You have worked very well with us to make sure people can see and understand our menu to make the ordering experience easy and enjoyable. We also appreciate that you enjoy feedback and implement our ideas to make the system better when possible.

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