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Top 5 Pieces of Signage to Promote joe

Get your shop off to a fast start with these tips for promoting your new mobile ordering service to customers!

Promoting with joe Signage

On average, it takes a customer 5-7 times hearing about a new service to consider trying it. So, make promoting joe a part of your daily routine, especially within your first 30 days on the network.

To make the most of promotional signage, approach this as a temporary marketing campaign to help drive downloads and acquire users! After their first purchase, we'll do the hard marketing work to keep them coming back more often and spending 45% per month more than they would in person.

Below we've listed our Top 5 joe Branded Signage pieces and ranked them by impact and effectiveness. Order yours to get the ball rolling!

Order joe Branded Signage


1 - Coffee Sleeves IMG_1503

You've already budgeted for coffee sleeves, why not use that cost to market mobile ordering for you? Coffee sleeves tell EVERY CUSTOMER about ordering with joe, without any extra work, fitting seamlessly into your baristas' workflow.

Plus, we offer a case of 1200 joe branded sleeves at only $0.04 per sleeve! A cost that's significantly lower than industry average.

PRO TIP: Go all in and put sleeves on every cup, hot or cold, for 30 days to advertise joe!




2 - Outdoor Banners

Let potential customers passing by know that you are open and accepting mobile orders.

Shops who hang a joe outdoor banner see 30% increase in orders month over month.

Our outdoor banners (2'x4') are weatherproof, attention-grabbing, and inform customers how to get the app with just a few quick taps!

PRO TIP: Unsure of the size or bright color? Try it for 30 days to boost customer app downloads!



3 - Parking Signs IMG_1585

Create the ultimate pick up experience for your customers by designating a parking spot solely for joe mobile orders!

Our branded parking signs make it easy, and onlookers will be envious of the level of service you're providing to customers who order ahead.



4 - Indoor Sign

File (4)

Not enough room for an outdoor banner? These signs are lightweight and versatile, perfect for coffee bars and small drive thru windows.

These signs are a great visual for customers to learn about your mobile service with joe and provides a call to action so customers can download the app.

PRO TIP: Hang them in front of drive thru windows or behind the espresso machine in cafes!



5 - Welcome Kit   File (3)-1

All new partners will also be equipped with a few complimentary small signage pieces, that are perfect to place around your cafe and include a QR code for customers to instantly download joe. Your Welcome Kit includes:

  • A joe Pick Up Sign - Let customers know where to pick up their order in shop!
  • 2 Posters (12" x 18") - Ideal for small spaces
  • 2 Table tents - place these by you're POS
  • Window decal - to place at the entrance to let customers know you're a part of the network!

These small pieces of signage contribute to a well rounded marketing campaign and add to your customers' pick up experience. Place them where they are easily visible to those customers who visit your shop.

Order joe Branded Signage

Feel like you should be getting more orders with joe? Shoot us an email at to get enrolled in our Partner Growth Program and find out what offers you qualify for.


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