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Revolutionizing In-Shop Ordering with Customer Favorites

Revolutionize in-person ordering with Customer Favorites for coffee shops that personalizes customer experiences and boost efficiency.


For coffee pros, it's no surprise that the majority of customers order the exact same item, every time they visit. And while baristas go the extra mile for this coffee ordering habit, traditional point of sales systems just don't cut it.

Customer Favorites Revolutionize In-Person Ordering

Introducing joe's newest feature Customer Favorites! In a single tap, baristas can add a customer's most frequently ordered items to checkout for a more personalized and efficient in-shop experience. 

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How to Favorite an Item

There are several options for baristas, and customers to mark an item, and it's modifiers, as a favorite.

When a customer is checked-in with their Rewards account, baristas can mark an item as a favorite anywhere they see a heart icon including from the customers' "Frequently Ordered" items, while creating the item, or at checkout. 

Customers can also manage their Favorites in their joe Coffee App.


This is just one of the newest joe features built to help you connect with your customers like never before! See how through a virtual demo of the next-gen Ordering System built exclusively for coffee shops.


The next-gen Ordering System built exclusively for independent coffee.

Tap through a virtual demo of joe on your own time.



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