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Gift Cards powered by joe

Joe’s digital gift cards provide a friction-free purchasing & sharing experience to maximize customer acquisition, integrating your in-person and online.

Store-specific digital gift cards powered by joe, offer a seamless purchasing and sharing experience exclusive for your shop. See how they work and purchase custom branded physical cards to have in store. 

Loyalty without Liability

Gift cards are a fantastic way for coffee shops to acquire new customers and increase loyalty. While traditional gift cards offer a benefit of some upfront cash, they also have to honored for years - and in some states forever! That can create accounting headaches for coffee shops and often times handcuffs coffee shops to subpar point of sale systems and technology. 

 At joe, we recognized an opportunity to modernize the way gift cards work in the coffee industry, maximize cashflow, and eliminate the traditional liability that comes with traditional gift cards. 

Recently, we launched store-specific digital gift cards as a new feature on every partner's digital storefront. In addition to powerful loyalty programs that re-engage your customers and bring them back to your page on joe, customers can now buy gift cards for friends and family to your specific coffee shop. 


Gift Cards PurchaseGift Cards Wallet


Gift Cards powered by joe vs. Traditional Gift Cards

  1. Eliminate monthly fees,
  2. Automatically re-engages customers to spend their balance and keep your brand top of mind. 
  3. Automatically engages your customers to share gift cards for friends and family (without having to buy a physical card!)
  4. Detailed reporting gives you real time data on gift card purchases and data,
  5. joe manages the gift card liability on your behalf!

In addition to the digital gift cards, you can purchase physical cards in your store that tie directly to the digital account. 



Physical gift cards make sharing easy

To accompany digital gift cards, our new custom branded gift cards powered by joe showcase your brand while making sharing local coffee easy. 

horizontal gift card design-1

Here's how they work:

  1. Scan the QR code on branded gift card
  2. Follow directions in the app to send a digital gift to a friend
  3. Schedule an SMS to send to send the gift on a specific day - perfect for Christmas or a birthday
  4. Customers will redeem this value exclusively at your shop and can view their remaining balance in their joe wallet 

Interested? Purchase your custom branded joe gift cards below.


Purchase Branded Gift Cards




That's not all! Track the business impact 

With the launch of store-specific digital gift cards, your Merchant Portal Dashboard also includes new looks into the business impact of those digital gift cards.

From the Loyalty Marketing section, view outstanding balances, net sales, and access a list of customers who have purchased gift cards for your store. 


image (8)


Digital gift cards, and physical gift cards powered by joe, are just one of the many loyalty features built into the joe Point of Sale that work to grow your coffee shop.

Ready for next steps? Get started below.

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