Mobile: Opportunity or Threat for Indie Coffee?

Mobile ordering at coffee shops should be an integrated part of your customer service strategy. The impact is higher average tickets, bigger tips, and revenue growth. The key is to avoid branded apps, and embrace the network to compete against Starbucks mobile ordering with joe.

New challenges facing indie coffee

Over the last few years, the definition of "great service" has evolved. Nearly 20% of all Starbucks transactions are now driven by mobile order ahead - a number that has fueled same-store growth and raised expectations for your customers.



Even loyal indie coffee lovers are settling for corporate coffee when they don't have time to wait. Evidence has shown that a branded app is clearly not the answer, even for large indie coffee businesses, because they don't have the "shop on every corner" value proposition or a meaningful rewards program that makes an app sticky for consumers - so how should coffee shop owners evolve?

Major opportunity for service-focused coffee shops

Service-focused brands of all shapes and sizes are joining joe to enhance relationships with customers and seeing an impact to their bottom line in their process. In fact, partners that promote joe and make it a part of their broader customer service strategy make $2 in additional revenue for every $1 in joe orders once they hit a certain number of orders per day.

As a result, coffee lovers trust that they can order ahead at the shops they love when they are on the go. They also know that when they are in a new neighborhood, they can discover service-focused shops ready to provide a great experience through the app as well. 

To better understand where joe fits in a coffee shop's broader customer service strategy, we sat down with the CEO of the Anthem Coffee School and Anthem Coffee Company, Bryan Reynolds on a visit to Dillanos Coffee Roasters. In our chat, he shares what he calls "Heroic Hospitality", how mobile ordering with joe enhances customer service, and why he left a branded app in favor of joe at all six Anthem locations.  For the entire video, visit our Facebook page.


This article is part of an ongoing series on superior service for coffee shops. To enhance your own customer experience, get started here

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