"Built In Seattle" Invites joe CEO to the Podcast

"Built in Seattle with Adam Schoenfeld" invited joe CEO and Co-founder Nick Martin to the podcast. Listen in to hear his journey to connecting with work.

Connecting With Your Work

Built in Seattle with Adam Schoenfeld brings top Seattle tech entrepreneurs, investors and leaders under one podcast with the goal of inspiring and helping other leaders excel. Schoenfeld, host of Built in Seattle podcast invited joe CEO and Co-founder Nick Martin to the show.

In this episode together they discuss the journey to launching joe Coffee, the importance of connecting with your work, and the impact of Covid on business for joe and our coffee shop partners.

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Episode Highlights

  • How the pandemic flipped Joe's business model from outbound to inbound.
  • What happened when growth when from 15%/month to 3x in a month.
  • Coming to terms with anxiety and self-doubt to become a founder.
  • Why having a "burn the boats" moment helped clarify the path forward.
  • How building storage sheds with his parents taught him the value of family businesses.
  • Why the spirit of small business is important to maintain in a world of sameness.
  • Using clear values to pick the right investors and partners.
  • How to get started without "friends and family money"
  • Why Remitly is his Seattle business role model.
  • Why Yifan Zhang is his Seattle leader role model.

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