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Mobile shop Soul Good Coffee builds loyalty with joe POS

How joe Point of Sale with built in loyalty, is helping this mobile coffee trailer create loyal regulars even while moving throughout Chicago suburbs.

With lower overhead and fewer barriers of entry, renovated trailers have become a popular option for first-time coffee shop owners to get into the indie coffee game. 

Kristina Perez Thomas is the owner of Soul Good Coffee, a new coffee trailer that has been slinging delicious drinks, and traveling in the suburbs of Chicago, IL since early summer 2022. 

For Soul Good Coffee, the challenges of being a new, mobile business include finding at least one sustainable location, and creating loyal customers while moving from day-to-day. 

With joe Point of Sale, and built in loyalty, Kristina is able effortlessly connect with the community, and utilize the built-in loyalty features and automated marketing to establish her coffee business.


Soul good testimonial

"joe is like having another full-time employee who is dedicated to promoting my coffee shop! Even while mobile, all of the built in features have made it easy for customers to find me, and the loyalty is really what keeps our locals coming back." Kristina shared.

And it's paying off! "We've seen so much growth and change month over month!" And in just 6 months of operating, Kristina is now taking the next step to a brick-and-mortar. Renting a space for the winter, Kristina is looking further grow her business and serve her loyal customers the delicious coffee they've come to love. 


Built specifically for coffee, joe Point of Sale gives indie coffee shops the tools to acquire new customers who would otherwise choose corporate coffee.  See why thousands of independent coffee shops, from new owners like Kristina, to established multi-location shops, partner with joe to simplify workflow and automate marketing. 

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