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Paradox Coffee: Embracing Community, Loyalty, and Growth with joe Point of Sale

How Paradox Coffee embraced community, loyalty, and growth with joe Point of Sale.



Paradox customers rate their experience 4.8 out of 5 stars


$9K of revenue per month can be attributed to joe's Growth Platform


Opening 2 additional Paradox Coffee locations in the next year


Meet Paradox Coffee & Bistro

In the heart of Junction City,  Kansas where military families, stay-at-home parents, and elderly residents come together to share stories and camaraderie, Paradox Coffee stands as a testament to the power of community spaces. Founded about 3.5 years ago by Tiffany Naccarato, her husband, both passionate medical professionals, and two other business partners, Paradox Coffee is more than just a coffee shop; it's a home away from home for the eclectic community it serves.


The Challenge: Finding the Right Technology 

When Tiffany and her partners embarked on their journey to create Paradox Coffee, they had a clear vision in mind - to establish a space where locals could gather, connect, and feel a sense of belonging. They were committed to supporting local vendors and making the coffee shop an extension of the community. Today, customers will find locally roasted coffee, farm-to table ingredients on the food menu, decor made by local craftspeople, and a small community pantry displaying local vendors of honey, jam, bread, and more.

However, they also understood that for a business to thrive in the digital age, it needed to have a strong online presence and offer modern conveniences like digital ordering and loyalty programs.

"We knew that if there's not a way for the community to connect with us digitally, even though we're not always tech-savvy in the Midwest, people like to use their technology," said Tiffany.

They wanted to find a solution that would allow them to bridge the gap between their intimate, personable space and the digital world.


The Solution: Grow with Ease, Boost Barista Satisfaction, Get Your Spark Back

Their search for a comprehensive solution led them to joe Point of Sale with built-in coffee shop loyalty and rewards. Tiffany and her team saw that joe was more than just a digital ordering platform; it aligned perfectly with their core values of supporting local businesses and fostering a strong sense of community.

When asked about the experience from set-up to scale-up for her team Tiffany shared, "It was very, very simple to learn, to train my baristas, and is so easy to use on the backend. It's been so seamless."

Streamlining their workflow with joe's industry-leading tools also boosted barista satisfaction. The baristas found the platform super simple to use, allowing them to focus on crafting the perfect cup of coffee and providing excellent customer service.

Extending beyond the in-person experience, with joe's automated marketing tools, they could easily build campaigns and offers to enhance their brand and even launch new farm-to table products. The platform's automated marketing works tirelessly in the background to maximize sales per loyalty customer, resulting in increased revenue for Paradox Coffee.

Tiffany shared, "With no monthly subscriptions I feel like joe is just as invested in the success of my business as I am. We're not just another account. Joe really cares about us as a company and as a brand and wants us to be as successful as we can."

With joe Point of Sale taking care of their business operations, Paradox Coffee's team found themselves with more time to focus on growth and expanding their brand.


The Results: Happy baristas, happy customers, happy owner

The adoption of joe Point of Sale with loyalty and rewards proved to be a game-changer for Paradox Coffee. Both baristas and customers were delighted with the seamless experience, — rating the experience a 4.8 out of 5 — which made the coffee shop an even more welcoming place.

Moreover, with joe's integrated loyalty and rewards system, they were able to create an engaging and rewarding experience for their customers, encouraging them to return and become loyal patrons. In the past 30 days, $9,000 of Paradox’s nearly $30,000 monthly revenue can be attributed to joe's loyalty marketing program. Showing a significant increase in repeat customers and customer retention, contributing to a substantial boost in revenue.

Thanks to the ease of managing their coffee shop operations through joe, Tiffany and her team have witnessed remarkable growth, enabling them to open not one but two more Paradox Coffee locations in the coming year. The platform's automated marketing tools play a crucial role in their success, allowing them to build campaigns effortlessly and strengthen their brand presence in the community.

Paradox Coffee's journey is a testament to the power of embracing the local community, leveraging modern technology, and nurturing loyalty through joe Point of Sale. By combining their vision of a warm, community-oriented space with the digital convenience of joe, Tiffany and her team have not only experienced substantial business growth but have also created a coffee shop that truly feels like an extension of home for Junction City's population.

With joe Point of Sale, they've grown with ease, boosted barista satisfaction, and are able to continue to bring more Paradox Coffee and local suppliers to their communities. 


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