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Reducing costs and building brand with joe Point of Sale

How joe's Coffee Shop Point of Sale helps Zero Tolerance manage business, build their brand, and reduce costs.


Earns $15,000 per month in revenue with to joe Point of Sale


$1,400 of monthly revenue earned is attributed to joe's loyalty marketing


10% of customers discover them through the joe network


Meet Zero Tolerance Coffee + Chocolate

Zero Tolerance Coffee + Chocolate owners Maura and Roy are true artisans and visionaries for their community. Located off of Route 66 in OKC Zero Tolerance Coffee offers delectable "bean to bar" chocolate and handcrafted coffee beverages in shop. 

When first opening their doors, the district of the city, to say the least, wasn't' thriving. But taking a chance, and working hard to survive the pandemic, other small businesses saw Zero Tolerance as a success and followed suit.

Now in 2023, their district is home to new restaurants, microbreweries, an upscale barbershop and a distillery. It's clear, these two are visionaries, aren't afraid to disrupt the norm, and invest in the potential. 

We sat down with Zero Tolerance owners Maura and Roy to learn about building their brand, growing two businesses in a growing town, and their decision to switch to a coffee-centric point of sale from Square.

Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 1.02.39 PMZero Tolerance's to-go location located at Owl Court.

The Challenge

For several years, Zero Tolerance was operating with Square. But in 2022, hidden fees and processing costs were adding up. "I felt like Square was nickel-ing and dime-ing,  so I started researching other point of sale options," Roy shared. "After talking with a joe rep, I was really excited about upgrading to joe Point of Sale!"

When asked more about their decision to switch, Marua chimed in. "With two locations, joe felt like a good fit. We'd had success with joe mobile ordering, we love the idea of being a part of a bigger mission for the coffee community,  and pricing was straightforward." 

joe's transparent, all-in-one pricing structure gave Roy and Maura confidence in that their point of sale, and processing fees, would now be working for them. Zero Tolerance already had joe integrated into their workflow, their team was familiar with the easy to use technology and switching from Square was simple.


Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 1.02.51 PMCustomers enjoying Zero Tolerance coffee in honor of Veteran's Day.

joe Point of Sale with built in loyalty

While using Square, Maura and Roy never opted to use Square loyalty or marketing because of the additional fees, and additional work it would require them as small business owners.

Now with joe Point of Sale, Zero Tolerance gets access to a built-in loyalty and automated marketing program, extending the discoverability, and rewarding experience of the joe mobile app to their in-person cafe.  

Expanding on the benefits of the built-in loyalty for their shop, Roy said "joe is all about coffee, it's all about the coffee experience. Plus I really like the discoverability features to help grow my business."

"Even I use joe when I travel," said Roy. "With joe, I can see on the app where the independent coffee shops are nearby, and that same method helps bring new customers to my shop."

"And with rewards, we're seeing more people come in more often" Maura added. "Which means they walk in and try our chocolate, which helps promote that side of the business."


Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 1.05.32 PMSunny days in the Zero Tolerance Cafe.


Reducing Costs and Building Brand

As big-picture thinkers, Maura and Roy saw their point of sale, and it's associated fees, as an investment in growth, not just a tool for processing a transaction.

For this Oklahoma City coffee and cocoa company, nearly 10% of their $15k monthly revenue earned is attributed to joe's loyalty and rewards program. More than 50% of their customer base are loyalty customers, and 10% of their customers discover them through the joe network. 

And switching to joe Point of Sale from Square has helped them save on costs, build their coffee and chocolate brand, and drive growth in their businesses. 

For the final question, we asked Roy and Maura what they would share with a shop owner about their experience with joe and switching to joe point of sale. 

Roy responded that  "joe, and the entire joe team, cares about me and my business." And Maura added, "And our customers love that they are supporting a larger network of independent coffee shops too!" 


Does your point of sale help or hinder your coffee shop growth? joe Point of Sale, built specifically for independent coffee shops, will simplify your barista's workflow, automate your loyalty experience, and effortlessly grow your business. Get started below.

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