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Farmhouse Coffee doubles customers served with joe

This small coffee shop needed a convenient order ahead option that wouldn't overwhelm their baristas. joe was their recipe for growth.


Baristas can now serve 2x the customers in the same amount of time with joe


$10k of monthly revenue generated through joe mobile orders


1/3 of monthly revenue attributed to joe's automated loyalty marketing and marketplace


Meet Farmhouse Coffee

Stephen Martin, owner of Farmhouse Coffee in Cleveland, Georgia was looking for a more convenient ordering option for their customers. 

He knew an order ahead solution was needed in his cafe and his customers were asking for one so they could support the small business even on their busiest days.  But with only 300 square feet in their cafe, Stephen needed a platform that wouldn't overwhelm his staff. 

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In the 6 months since joining the joe network, Farmhouse has grown to be a more efficient business, better serving both their customers, baristas, and community. We sat down with Stephen to learn about how integrating joe has helped to grow Farmhouse Coffee. 


More Efficient Baristas

In only a 300 square foot coffee shop, workflow is a top priority for Farmhouse's baristas and convenience is a top priority for customers. A line out the door, which happens daily at Farmhouse, puts additional pressure on baristas to be efficient, all while providing top notch customer service. 

Integrating joe directly into their Square POS, meant they didn't need additional hardware that took up space. joe allowed them to maximize their tiny space and seamlessly harmonized their in-person and digital orders. 

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"joe has really really helped to streamline our workflow when it comes to preparing drinks," Stephen shared. "Now when mobile orders come in, baristas can simply add them in to the queue between in-person orders."

With coffee-centric technology, intuitive design, and the flexible hardware solution joe fit right in to Farmhouse's existing workflow.

Joe has almost doubled the amount of drinks that our baristas can make in the same amount of time!" Stephen concluded.


Strengthening Community 

Strong customer relationships is key to developing loyal regulars in the coffee community. At Farmhouse Coffee, people are at the center of everything. "Our mission is that each person visiting our coffee shop will be seen, heard, and valued. And we wanted even our most convenient experience live up to that," Stephen shared.

But Stephen understood that providing a convenient ordering experience doesn't minimize their relationships, and instead lets his customers continue to support their local small businesses even on their busiest of days. 

"We recognize some customers either don't have the time, or don't want to have a long conversation while getting their coffee" says Stephen.

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And Stephen's team proves that offering a convenient order ahead option for their customers didn't mean sacrificing their people-centric mission. "In fact, joe has helped to free up time for baristas to spend with the customers who want to spend the time with us and make even more of a connection”.


Recipe for Growth

“Now customers don’t have to go to Dunkin' or Starbucks anymore," says Stephen, "They can still come to us because of this quick customer experience!" 

A combination of convenience for customers and an easy-to-use system for baristas has been a recipe for growth at Farmhouse. It's even allowed them to save on labor costs and invest this savings into other coffee business ventures. 

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With more than 250 active joe customers at their shop, Farmhouse is consistently doing $10k in monthly revenue through joe and 1/3 of this monthly revenue can be attributed to joe's automated loyalty marketing and marketplace. All without overwhelming their baristas!

“Before joe, what was considered a high volume day is now a considered one of our lowest volume day. It is really incredible!" 



Interested in offering your customers the most convenient local coffee experience with joe? Integrate joe directly into your existing point of sale for a seamless barista experience and see your coffee shop grow. Watch a virtual demo below. 

Watch a Virtual Demo

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