How to utilize QR Codes at your coffee shop

QR Codes emerged during the pandemic, but they are here to stay. Learn how the codes offer more for coffee shops than just a way to view your menu when used strategically.

This article is a part of a series dedicated to taking your coffee shop from surviving to thriving by harnessing to trends in technology and customer behavior. 

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QR Codes are here to stay! 

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans were had to adjust to contact-free and social distancing guidelines. As we emerge into a new normal, some behaviors we learned during the pandemic are here to stay. 

QR Codes are one of the most exciting tools that emerged for coffee shops and restaurants over the last couple of years. When paired with mobile ordering, shops are able to streamline workflow and provide a simple and convenient way for customers to view your menu and order without having to stand in line. 




At joe, we've seen an increasing number of coffee shops couple their joe mobile ordering experience with QR codes placed strategically on table tops, signage, and at the coffee bar. The codes allow them to provide a more sanitary menu experience for customers, cut down on the cost of maintaining physical menus, and create a hyper-convenient ordering experience from anywhere in the shop.


As an added bonus, when customers use the code to order through the app they are enrolled into automated loyalty marketing programs that joe runs on your behalf to bring them back into their coffee shop more often with points-based challenges, discounts paid for by joe and perfectly timed reminders that increase the average customer's spend by 50% each month. 

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