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Customers looking to discover new shops nearby in the app now get a glimpse into your menu with featured signature items. Follow along for our best practices to utilize these featured items to capture scrolling customers and increase your average ticket sales.

Feature signature items to have them highlighted on the shop search page!

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Customers don't have to tap into your menu to get a taste of what you have to offer. When you feature items on your menu they're now also showcased to customers looking to discover new coffee shops nearby. Strategically use these featured items to convert those scrolling users, to loyal customers!

How? We recommend focusing your signature items on your food menu. Highlight seasonal treats, fan favorite items, or locally sourced pastries that indie coffee shops are known for. New customers are sure to fall in love with your shop and you'll see a boost in average ticket sales.

In fact, shops on the network that feature food items increased their average tickets and revenue by over 30%. 

Then to really incentivize customers, apply a DEAL to your featured item so it shows up first on the search page and customers will find your shop at the top of the "Active Deals" tab. 

So begin by setting your featured items in your merchant portal, or read the article linked below for how-to instructions.


Set my featured menu items!

For additional assistance, our team is here to help! Directly contact your Partner Success Manager, or email us at success@joe.coffee.

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